The Blue Wall Has Fallen….

Well, after this election cycle has finished and yes, there is a possible recount if it is already not underway in the battleground states to ensure that Hillary Clinton who’s popular vote lead has widened quite a bit. But, from everything that I have read the third party woman on the ticket Jill Stein is the one who has raised the money to have the ballots counted in the battleground states and I have heard not a word from the Clinton Campaign. Although, data experts have urged the campaign to ask for a recount. To this day I have not heard of one from the Clinton Campaign. So, after it is all said and done we more than likely will have to finally accept Donald Trump as being our next President of the United States. With that being said, the Electoral College could switch their vote and if your speaking constitutionally we have not actually elected our President. (Thank You Alexander Hamilton) We are not a direct Democracy. But, this was put in place to protect the office of the president from anyone who is unfit to hold the office. I do not know what will happen. Either way someone is going to get pissed again. But, Democrats now lets talk this out. First, yes we had a strong candidate. Yes, we made history! But, we were also out of touch with the American people and as Hillary herself said, We did not know how truly divided our country is. Democrats, it is time that we throw away the tissues and finally toughen our stance on a few issues. For example, a mother who is not working a full time job and has no intention of working ever in her life and is single. She can afford a new car because she gets 7,000.00 back on her Tax Return because she has 4 kids. Now, tell me how in the hell does it make sense for a person who has never paid into the system to get any money in the form of a tax return given to them because they have children. I know Children are a full time job. But, my mom was a full time public school teacher and my father owned his own business and they both slaved at least 60 hours a week so that I could grow up into a family that adopted me and accepted me. Now, before you think I am some white person from Texas. I happen to be an adopted Hispanic and a member of the LGBT community (50 percent Aztec 49 percent Spanish and 1 percent Italian) (I did the DNA Test you see advertised on television.) Anyway, so before you get all jumpy I know how it feels to be the odd man in the group. But, seriously Democrats. We will never fix the national deficit if we keep giving money away in the form of a tax return to mothers who do not work , but just have children. That is a no-brainer. Also, if you are on welfare and I do not qualify I make too much money. But, if you are then you should be drug tested and you should also not just be able to sit on your ass and do nothing while the rest of us slave away trying to pay all of our bills. If your working and trying and meeting us half way that I do not mind helping. But, if your just converting oxygen to carbon dioxide in your living room while smoking your meth pipe. Well, I have got news for you. You should be drug tested if you are on any kind of government aid and this aid should not be able to be used to buy Cigarettes, Alcohol or any illicit substances. You should be able to buy the necessities like bread, cheese etc. Democrats, we are out of touch. You want to include everyone in the party , but your are leaving out half of the country that works by giving so much away. We are dead broke as a country. Yes, I think that Hillary Clinton would have made some differences. I still believe in her. But, we as a party need to reorganize at the State Level. We need to examine each elected official in the state party and see if they are willing to make the changes necessary to reach out to Republicans and take the initiative to listen to their points of view as well and find middle ground. Yes, it can be done I worked as a Field Director for a Republican Campaign as my Candidate ran for the House of Representatives against a long time sitting Rep… No names will be mentioned , but when we forced the other two on the ballot into a runoff I sat down with the sitting Rep. we have had our differences , but like two mature adults we managed to see eye to eye and work for the greater good for at the end of the day that is what we both wanted anyway. We were both fighting for a better Texas and I have the upmost respect for him. He did lose his election , but went on to win a Statewide Elected Position and is now in Austin doing a great job. We need to be able to talk to the other side without yelling, shouting, screaming, throwing a fit, threatening to kill another person etc. But, Democrats this is our moment. This is our wakeup call to take a closer look at our platforms and beliefs and I am not suggesting leaving anyone behind or keep anyone out of the party. We must find common ground and unite our country. To those of you who protested. Shame on you for carrying a Clinton/Kaine sign for it was not a sign that was created to re-enact the French Revolution or Bloody Sunday in Russia. It was a sign that was created for people like me who saw not only the chance to make history. But, a chance to possibly have a candidate in office that I felt was for me and would fight for me. But, we again missed the mark because we are not practical in a lot of our beliefs and we try and please everyone and Democrats you can not do that. We need to reform our beliefs on a lot of the things that we say are core Democratic values. We do not need to give these beliefs up. We just need to modernize them where more people can relate. Because I can tell you that Joe Brown who works 60 hours a week at a factory is not going to vote for a person that believes in giving away money to another person who is not contributing to society. I do not care if they pick flowers on the side of the road or pick up trash as long as a person is contributing positively to our American Society. Then, I would see it more rational to give them a handout or help them , but they need to work. There are a lot of other issues that we need to modernize , but the bottom line of this entire rant is that we need to look at the State Level of our Party and weed out those who have been in office too long or are holding on to ideas that are not modern. Some of these people are afraid of losing their power. Well, to those people. You say your a leader of our party , yet we just lost the White House. I say we pull a Donald Trump and say, “Your Fired”. So, now is the time to reform, rethink and refocus because we can do this. We will recover. But, it is time to clean house and we need to start at the state level and work our way up!!! Remember, Hillary never gave up on us. We do not need to give up on our party, passions or beliefs. But, we do need to bring them up to date. Now, let’s get to work because it is going to be an uphill battle!!!


Billy Bush Suspended from the: “Today Show” after remarks on Trump Tape (Repost from Brian Stelter)

  @brianstelterOctober 9, 2016: 8:15 PM ET

Billy Bush has been suspended from the “Today” show “pending further review of the matter,” NBC News said Sunday night.

It is unclear if he will ever return to the broadcast.

“He will never be on the show again,” an on-air source said, reflecting what staffers are saying behind the scenes.

The sudden change came amid a chorus of calls for disciplinary action against Bush over his vulgar 2005 conversation with Donald Trump that was caught on tape and revealed on Friday.

NBC sources initially said Bush was not being disciplined and that he would be in his usual spot as co-host of the “Today” show’s 9 a.m. hour on Monday morning.

As late as Sunday morning, one of the sources was saying that Bush would use Monday’s broadcast to reiterate the apology he made Friday.

But on Sunday afternoon, senior NBC executives made the decision to bench Bush on Monday, effectively reprimanding him.

A couple of hours later, the executive in charge of “Today,” Noah Oppenheim, said in an internal memo that the executives had decided to go even further and suspend Bush.

“I know we’ve all been deeply troubled by the revelations of the past 48 hours,” Oppenheim wrote.

“Let me be clear — there is simply no excuse for Billy’s language and behavior on that tape,” he wrote. “NBC has decided to suspend Billy, pending further review of this matter.”

Before the memo was released, the on-air source said staffers were in the dark, stuck refreshing Twitter to find out what was going on with Bush.

The suspension was a stunning turn of events. The “Today” show recently made a multi-million-dollar bet on Bush, relocating him from Los Angeles to New York and making him a co-host.

But the taped 2005 conversation between Bush and Trump has upended the careers of both men.

Trump’s vulgar and aggressive comments about women, alluding to sexual assault, caused some Republican leaders to retract their endorsements of him.

Bush played along and joked with Trump, even while Trump talked about trying to sleep with one of Bush’s colleagues.

At the time the video was recorded, Bush was a co-host of NBC’s entertainment show “Access Hollywood.” Now he is a key player on the “Today” show, the profit engine of NBC News. Until Friday, some observers believed he was being groomed to take over for Matt Lauer someday.

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Bush is a cousin of both former President George W. Bush and 2016 Trump opponent Jeb Bush.

Bush issued a forthright apology statement on Friday, but it did not quiet the calls for action by NBC. There was an online petition circulating that calls for his firing, and there are hundreds of outraged comments on the “Today” show’s social media pages.

On top of that, as Anthony Quintano — who formerly ran the “Today” show’s social media efforts — pointed out on Friday, “a majority of the ‘Today’ show production staff is female.” It “won’t go over well internally to keep Billy Bush around,” Quintano said in a tweet.

Bush’s 9 a.m. hour is heavy with lifestyle fare, with less political news than the earlier hours. Still, it is a product of NBC News, so the news division has ethical considerations to make about Bush’s role in the tape — and in ongoing coverage of the election.

Decisions about releasing the “Access Hollywood” tape reached to the highest level of NBCUniversal, to the office of CEO Steve Burke, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

An NBC source confirmed Burke’s involvement and reiterated that the network was preparing to broadcast a report about the tape when it was leaked to the Washington Post on Friday.

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Adding a slightly bizarre element to the story, the New York Times reported Sunday that the outgoing voicemail message on Bush’s extension at NBC says, “You’ve reached Billy Bush’s office, he’s busy making America great again, please leave a message.” The voice is apparently not his.

Timeline of Republican Nominee for Texas Senate Dawn Buckingham’s Candidate Resume Fraud

2012 – US Senate Investigation & State Attorneys General Investigation

  • A fraud investigation by 20 State Attorneys General uncovered that National American University (under the leadership of Buckingham’s family) was one of several for-profit universities using a deceptive website “” that was preying upon veterans and their GI Bill education money. The website’s operators were fined, the website shut down, and the website’s name turned over the United States Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Source: shut down in settlement over defrauding veterans;
For Profit Higher Education: The Failure to Safeguard the Federal Investment and Ensure Student Success; See page 68 of the report, footnote #240


  • In 2012, the United States Senate also released the results of a two-year investigation of the predatory for-profit university industry. The investigation targeted National American University and 14 other for-profit schools for putting corporate profit ahead of student education and leaving veterans and other students with massive debt in unpaid college loans for degrees. The report noted that NAU and these other for-profit schools were charging substantially more for college degrees than similar educational costs at state universities or community colleges. The investigation specifically exposed the deceptive and predatory marketing practices that NAU was using to recruit veterans and other students.

For Profit Higher Education: The Failure to Safeguard the Federal Investment and Ensure Student Success – United States Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee;
National American University For-Profit Report;


  • The 2012 United States Senate for-profit university investigation also brought to light that Buckingham’s father-in-law (who is also now the largest contributor in her 2016 State Senate bid) paid himself as Chairman of NAU over $3 million dollars in 2010 for managing a university with just 8,000 students. Comparatively, this salary is more than the collective salaries of the Chancellors of the UT system, Texas A&M system and Texas Tech system which have collectively over 400,000 students.

For Profit Higher Education: The Failure to Safeguard the Federal Investment and Ensure Student Success – United States Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee;
National American University For-Profit Report;
Pay is Climbing Fast for Texas University Leaders


2013 – Buckingham Begins Serving on NAU Board of Governors

  • As a financially compensated stockholder, Dawn Buckingham began her service on the Board of Governors of NAU as it aggressively marketed for veterans and economically disadvantaged students in Texas (ie, students eligible for federal education funding).

Dawn Buckingham 2014 – 2016 Personal Financial Statements Filed with Texas Ethics Commission

2014 – Undisclosed Conflict of Interest Violation

  • Buckingham is appointed by Lt Governor David Dewhurst to the Texas Sunset Commission that was tasked with consideration of reforms to the Texas Workforce Commission to protect veterans and other students from abusive profiteering by the for-profit career businesses in Texas. At a December 2014 hearing, Buckingham twice lobbied the Commission as a sitting member to weaken accountability reforms on the for-profit career industry.

Texas Sunset Commission Hearing – 12/10/14 
(Buckingham’s remarks begin at 1:34:00 and continue past the 1:50:00 mark.)


2015 – Candidate Resume Fraud Begins

  • The Veterans Education Success organization released a national study showing how for-profit universities were taking advantage of veterans and other students with expensive and bogus college degrees that did not qualify them for jobs. Specially mentioned in the Veterans Education Success study were college degrees in Texas offered by NAU while Buckingham served on its Board of Governors.
  • To distance herself from NAU’s scandalous connection to charges of predatory marketing, fraud and exploitation of veteran and GI bill education money, Buckingham resigns from its Board of Governors just two months prior to launching her State Senate Campaign. She then purposely omits her involvement with NAU on all of her campaign material.

“The GI Bill Pays for Degrees That Do Not Lead To a Job”;
Dawn Buckingham 2016 Personal Financial Statement Filed with Texas Ethics Commission;


2016 Primary-Candidate Resume Fraud Undetected in Primary

Buckingham’s resume fraud goes undetected in the March 1st primary despite the fact that 72% of the contributions and loans in her State Senate campaign came from stockholders and/or board members of NAU including a $100,000 contribution from her father-in-law who is also Chairman of NAU.

2016 Runoff- Candidate Resume Fraud Exposed In Runoff

  • Buckingham’s campaign resume fraud would have likely gone unnoticed in the runoff too, but for a question by a veterans organization this past April and an investigation by the Austin-based Quorum Report.
  • Since having her NAU Board position exposed, Buckingham has refused to provide an explanation or requested information to the press or with concerned veterans organizations.
  • Buckingham has also refused to make public how much compensation, stock, and profit she has accumulated over the last ten years from National American University.
  • According to a May 2, 2016 KVUE-TV investigative report, National American University has only a 25% graduate rate and its students have an average debt of $34,486. To put that in perspective, the graduation rate at the University of Texas is 79 percent and its students have an average debt of $22,165.

Dawn Buckingham Campaign Finance Reports Filed with Texas Ethics Commission;;
Senate candidate Buckingham under scrutiny for ties to “predatory” for-profit college;
KVUE Defenders Investigation: For-profit universities 

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The Dawn Buckingham (R) Candidate Resume Fraud File


Jennie Lou Leeder Visits Comanche County

A couple of weeks ago the Democratic Nominee for the Texas Senate representing District 24 visited Comanche County. In the early morning hours she began her tour with a stop at the Historic Old Cora on the Comanche Square. Then, to cover as much ground as possible she went to Deleon, Texas to chat with the Coffee Drinkers at HWY 6 Cafe. After about a thirty minute chat with the locals in Deleon she visited the Doctors Medical Center as she wanted to see first hand the Healthcare that Comanche County has and although most of the Doctors were on their rounds. She did meet with the receptionists and speak to them about issues regarding healthcare. Then it was off to the Corps of Engineers where she spoke to the Proctor Lake Manager about infrastructure issues that she has on her mind and wanted feedback on what he wanted to see happen in Austin. After that she visited the Upper Leon Water District where she talked at length with a worker who was very concerned with the direction the country is going in. She answered very tough questions about almost everything regarding the Democratic Party. After that great visit she Toured Durham Pecan’s Factory and Retail Shop on HWY 377. She was amazed to see how such a small town could have such an operation and was even treated to some of their legendary chocolate covered peanuts. Finally, to wrap up her tour she visited the Comanche County Courthouse and met the Tax Accessor and the County Clerk. She encourages anyone with questions to contact her directly as she answers her phone and her email personally and you can find her contact information at:

Left to Right: Jennie Lou Leeder at Durham’s Pecan Plant and Retail Store with Plant Manager David Brawley and Lance Morgan; Jennie Lou Leeder chatting with the coffee drinkers at: HWY 6 Cafe in Deleon, Texas; Jennie Lou Leeder at Historic Old Cora in Downtown Comanche, Texas

Is Dawn Buckingham Really For Public Education??

I have been covering the tight Senate District 24 race between Republican Candidate Dawn Buckingham an Eye Surgeon from Austin. (How a Surgeon can relate to a Senate District made mostly of Agriculturally based rural towns is beyond me.) But, she did win the runoff over Susan King the widely adored State Representative from Abilene. Buckingham’s tactics in the race were the most vicious I have ever seen in a Texas race. But, that is besides the point. We are focused on Texas Education and how Dawn Buckingham has said that she is for Public Education. Well, if that is the case then why does she keep missing the Retired Texas Teachers Association meetings. She was a no show in Mills County. Although, I was informed that she will be holding a meet and greet in Mills County. Which to the best of my knowledge she did not visit the County during the Primary or the Runoff Campaign. She said that she had to work. Now, I can understand that a Dr. must tend to her patients and I agree that yes patients are important. But, Buckingham has been popping up everywhere across the District , but with only certain people. She was pictured with a few people here and there , but they tend to be people that I guess she can relate to. People that are not your average main street , blue collar workers in my opinion. Why is she not attending meetings like the Retired Teachers? Perhaps we should be asking ourselves if she really is for Public Education considering Governor Perry tried to get ahold of the Teacher Retirement Service , but failed. The Republican Party in Texas has a history of not supporting Public Education and Teachers , but supporting Vouchers and Private Schools. Dr. Buckingham, are you really for public education?? Why are you not showing up at these meetings?? Feel free to email me at: with your response. I would love to hear your reasons behind it. An elected official who will remain nameless best described her I think when he or she said that she was just, “Another Politician” and then he pleaded the fifth. dawn

“When Trump Came to Town”..(Dawn Buckingham R-Senate District 24 Hopeful was there with the TX Politicians who are Republican Trump Supporters…well, she was one of three)

When Trump Came To Town

By: Gene

Yesterday the orange guy spent 6 or 8 hours in Austin appearing at three events. The first was the taping of a Fox News town hall event with Sean Hannity. Fox will broadcast this over two nights. If you’re interested (I’m not) you can probably get dates and times on the Fox website. There was room on the stage for the usual hangers on who want to be seen with the Republican #1. Was Governor Greg Abbott there? Nope (he said he had a Dr. appointment). Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick? Nope (even though he was in Austin at the time). Atty Gen Ken Paxton? Another no. When Ken Paxton doesn’t want to be seen with you… you’re toxic!

So who were the hangers on who in effect were announcing “I’m with this guy.”? Well, there were apparently three of them… shameless Ag Commissioner Sid Miller, a state rep from Lockhart and the (apparently also shameless) R candidate for our State Senate Dist. 24 seat, Dawn Buckingham! Dawn Buckingham and the orange guy… what a pair.

The second event was a fundraiser, closed to the press with a base ticket price of $2,700. $25,000 to $100,000 givers got a 15 minute photo op/face-to-face. Since this event was closed to the press there wouldn’t be any of those embarrassing photos that might link one with an undesirable so these Rs sneaked out of the closet… US Rep Lamar Smith, US Rep John Carter, former State Comptroller Susan Combs and “gosh, I was just too busy to attend the town hall” Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

How about our Republican US Rep Roger Williams? His/our district includes a large chunk of Austin, surely he’d be there. Uh, negative on that.

Williams was in Gatesville a few days ago where, according the the Gatesville Messenger, he addressed a group of “local business and government leaders.” I’ll pirate a copy of the story and send it to you but Williams spewed the same old junk and those hand-picked “business and government leaders” probably ate it with a spoon.

The A-S didn’t have much interesting to say (mostly a few nonsensical statements from attendees) about the 3rd event, a standard Trump rally.
While running errands around town yesterday and listening to KLBJ-AM, an Austin station, they discussed the rally and said “people were coming from as far as Gatesville.” Everything in Gatesville looked pretty normal to me- no evidence of a mass exodus.


A letter….


I do not know about you , but aren’t we all glad that this year’s political season is almost over. We are not too far from the general election and I just wanted to remind people to exercise their constitutional right to vote. I know that many of us find it easy to complain about the politicians we have in office and it is easy to get caught up in the fault’s that each of them may or may not have. I do realize that we are all sick and tired of the ads and the phone calls and the emails. (I am totally over the emails.) But, this is the political process and what it has evolved into in today’s modern times. Yes, I am sure that many people do not agree with my point of view. I might not see things the way that you see them either. But, at the end of the day we are trying to achieve the same goal. We are trying to do what is best for the country that we both love and at the end of the day. After the dust clears and the election is over. We are all Americans and we are still the United States and we must not forget that we live in the GREATEST nation on earth. Regardless of what you have been told America is still great in my eyes. Because we still have men and women who are willing to die so that I may live in a free country. We still have veterans living like both of my grandfathers who fought during World War II and have stories about how America along with a few other countries defeated one of the worst enemies the world has ever known. We still today have the cities and the small towns that make up the great melting pot we call America. Let us never forget that our founding fathers were immigrants who took the chance and went up against the King of England to fight for a dream a vision they had of a free land where we all are created equal. Regardless, if you are black, white, brown, red or blue we all are Americans. We need to remember that yes our country is faced with enemies around the world and sometimes the enemies are in our very backyards. But, we as Americans should never turn our backs on each other because of our differences in beliefs. Instead, we should embrace the simple fact that we have the freedom to have our own beliefs and voice our opinions. So, regardless if you are voting for Trump or Clinton or writing in Mickey Mouse for President of the United States this November in the voting booth. I ask you to take the time and take part in the process that so many people so many years ago fought and died for so that we may have this simple, but powerful right.

Mis amigos hispanos satisfacer si usted tiene alguna pregunta sobre cómo o dónde se encuentre a votar . O desea registrarse para votar, puede ponerse en contacto conmigo en cualquier momento . Usted también tiene el derecho legal de voto y sus derechos sean protegidos . Habrá gente de habla hispana en las urnas en el condado de Comanche y habrá materiales en español para que pueda votar tu voz también cuenta! ¡Estoy con usted!

Much Love,