Thank You Friends!!


I just wanted to say on behalf of my mother, Sally Hicks and my father John Hicks and my brother Drew Hicks. We are not only blessed with such loving and caring friends. But, we are blessed to live in a community where you all have reached out and lifted us up through this very tough time in our lives. You know you never really think about something like this happening. From a Child looking at a Parent who has never been in the hospital in your entire life and has always been the strong “invisible” man that you have always looked up to. It has been very eye opening to see how in just a split second everything can change. Yes, my father is on the road to recovery as God watched over him and I am so grateful that everything went as planned. But, I am also so grateful that I was adopted by two of the kindest, loving and most unique people on the face of this earth and I just want to say thank you all for everything that you have done over these last days. Thank you so much! You will never know how much and how grateful we all are and if you ever need anything. Please do not hesitate to ask for, we have got your backs like you have had ours!! Remember we are all in this world together and as Jesus taught us. Love one Another! You all have done so in abundance and I am so thankful and blessed to have you all in my life and in our lives!!!


Much Love,


Dawson Hicks