My Mary Kay Journey……

So, after one of my dearest friends told me today that a mutual friend from the Denton area began to ask her a lot of questions regarding my Mary Kay business and the photo she saw on Facebook. I decided to sit down and blog my journey and from the beginning so that all the questions will finally be answered. But, more importantly I finally have realized just how large of an impact this company has had on my entire life. I know that many people think that this company is just pink cars and women that sit around a table and have parties where they do the same things over and over and that the products are just for “older” women. You know, I was one of them……..So, as Sophia from Golden Girls would say……


Picture it……Dublin, Texas 2011

After being invited to a Mary Kay party and literally being not only frightened at the thought of what I might encounter. I walked into a room where the first thing I saw when I drove up to the meeting location which was at a small church in the middle of no-where. I nearly missed the turn after missing the Big Bucked Bambi and so the night was off to a great start. I drove up and there was the famous Pink Caddy. The first thing that I thought was…..Am, I being or acting in a rational manner. For, I thought what if I am the only person in the room wearing black. Was I suppose to wear pink? What if they don’t like me…..Then I remembered that I had attended the GOP Texas State Convention and although I was not seated as a Delegate because the County Chair for the GOP did not “hear” / or ignored  me at our county convention which was in the smallest room I have ever sat in and so there was no way that she missed me. But, I get it. So, I was not a delegate , but I was the only one from Comanche County that even bothered to show up. So, I was basically alone. Yes, even the Delegates that did not even like me did not even bother to show up. But, regardless of me being the “Odd” duck. They actually tried to have me sat as a Delegate and I actually made friends. I was not shot at and I actually still have contacts that I keep up with. So, I figured if I can survive that this would be ok…

I walked in the door and the first thing I saw and I swear to the lord above was a tablecloth that had more sequins than any Cher Costume I have ever seen and this Blonde Woman wearing a Pink Boa and about 20 women which all stopped and every head turned when I walked in the room. You could have heard a pin drop. This was the moment where I was expecting someone to pepper spray me as, I looked like I was a dangerous person as I was just frozen in fear. But, after five seconds passed they just came at me all saying hi at the same time and I immediately remembered the Hanson concert where I managed to talk me and my best friend Mikaela in early. (Even, the staff was still getting prepped.) When they opened the doors. There was a herd of women running and screaming. Yes, the same fear came over me and I just smiled and since I have ADD I was having trouble focusing on a single person. I was distracted by all of the different sparkles that were on their outfits and their necklaces and before I knew it one of the women just grabbed me and hugged me and said, “Welcome”. But, her voice was not a forced welcome. It had the tone of a warm and kind person that sounded like she was seeing a friend she had known for decades.

I was at one of the lowest points of my life and when I she got her arms around me. I hugged her back. My anxiety left me and instantly I felt like I had been given a shot of some sort of anti anxiety medication because those who know me know that I do not hug people that I do not know. But, I hugged that woman back and said, “Thank You”. After giving more hugs than I did when I graduated college. I sat down in a metal chair and thought this will not be so bad. Until, the blonde woman pushed play on this CD player and the best of the 90’s pop began to blare from this small CD player and she started to clap and told all of us to rise to our feet. Then, after a few mins of a “dance” warmup. She turned on, “Pink Cad..By: Natalie Cole. Then, the “Consultants” began to dance with the chorus. I thought to myself, you know I do not dance, but this is kind of fun. It is not the normal thing that I am used to , but I felt like I was in a mixture of a Baptist Tent revival , an AA meeting and Legally Blonde……..But, I liked it. I thought Dawson, perhaps you should call your Psyc…..But, I just went along with it.

After the meeting. I got in my car and I had the biggest smile on my face. I did not even know that two and a half hours had passed by and as I drove home I made the decision that I was going to sign up.

The next day after my mom finished teaching school I called her and told her, “Mom, I am going to sign up for Mary Kay next week at the meeting.” without missing a beat she said, “You are insane.” I replied, “Mom I know skin care, and mom they teach you what to do and the products are good and you always told me that I could do whatever I put my mind to and you know mom. I just have this feeling. Something is telling me to do it.” She said, “Think about it Dawson. Who in this area is going to buy skin care from a man and especially you!! Think about it!! You are going to do what you want , but be realistic! ” I said, “I will think about it. ”

I hung up the phone and I thought about it and this voice inside of me was nagging me to call this woman named Bettie Hicks…..What do you have to lose. Just talk to her and ask her a few questions. So, I got home and picked up the phone and I called her and there was no answer. I didn’t leave a message. I called again and it rang and rang and rang and I finally left a message. ….

Now, you know that I can carry on a very lengthy conversation and when I have questions over a certain topic or am curious. I can ask a million questions and so the first interview Bettie was probably thinking, Oh dear lord. Where did this guy come from and my lord he can talk.

The next Tuesday, after the meeting I joined I gave Bettie my Debit card and I became a member of the Mary Kay Independent Sales force (November 2011)

So, as the months seemed to fly by I suddenly realized that this was going to be work. More work that I had imagined. I went to my meetings every Tuedsay , but in my area there were like 20 plus consultants in just my town of 4,000 people. Which, I have realized and I did then also that yes we all have different networks. But, if one or two consultants do not know how to properly assist a customer in applying the right shade of color cosmetics or if they do not know how to properly explain proper skin care which I was fortunate to attend and yes I did not finish, with that being said the only thing that I missed was the classroom and hands on education  on how to properly wax eyebrows. But, I got the skin care education from the Aveda Institute.  So, I knew the way the skin worked the layers of the skin and what it needed and how to prevent the signs of aging and how to reverse the signs of aging.  As, the years passed the Mary Kay consultants in my area slowly dropped like flies and then one quarter I got a call from Bettie and she was excited!! I had not been able to attend a local meeting as there were none anymore and I was the lone fish and the market was mine. Well, I had sold enough product to achieve star consultant status. This was in 2016. I was in shock and I was also very proud of my long overdue accomplishment. But, I had taken a different approach. I began to travel with my best friend and when I would travel or anytime I went any place. I took samples along with me. So, say I was in Vegas for my birthday I would hand out samples on the plane with my sticker that had my information on it to any girl I saw crying late at night in the casino and I would also include a lip gloss and tell her the mascara is waterproof and I would give her my card and tell her that if she ever needs anything to call. Well, then I went to: New Mexico, Chicago, Manhattan, Disneyworld, Vegas two more times and Charleston and Savannah. Well, before I knew it I had reached November of 2017 and my fifth anniversary as a Beauty Consultant and I also in 2016 was the number one sales consultant in my unit. But, I had began to go to meetings again. You see my director Bettie Hicks, lives in Fort Worth and that is like a two hour drive for me. But, to get to the place where she has meetings with the construction is the same as being the mouse in maze looking for the cheese. So, I was adopted by: Sales Director Jenny I. and I did not know at the time , but she was a blessing sent from heaven.  As, we entered 2017 I was in a dark place and December and January was not a great time for me. I went through a bad personal issue and I had no desire to sell anymore or do anything for that matter. I had been in grad school for over a year and that is all I wanted to do. But, one night. It was like two in the morning and I had woken up and just grabbed my phone and for some reason Jenny was on FBook Messenger. So, I sent her a message and she asked how I was and I just unloaded. I just explained and had an emotional release. Jenny, in a matter of ten minutes not only restored my self esteem. She, lit a fire under my ass and reminded my why I joined the Company in the first place. She said, “I will go ahead and RSVP you and I will see you on Tuesday.” She did not give me a choice, she in her sweet voice just basically said, (not in these words) Get your ass to my house on Tuesday I will not take no for an answer. But, you have to know Jenny. I have never known any pregnant woman that always has a positive thing to say about everything in life. Not just when she is pregnant , but all of the time and it is not forced. Even when she is frustrated Mary Poppins shows more anger than Jenny. I just love it. I do not understand it, but love it and she remains such a strong and powerful role model for me because her and her husband are the definition of the word and by their choices, lifestyles and actions, words and deeds they are what it means to be: “Christian”. I will never forget her husband Clayton the first meeting he was so friendly he walked up and introduced himself and asked, “Would you like a bottled water?” Why yes, that would be wonderful thank you, Then he asked, “Is bottled ok?” I was like that is perfect, or tap I do not mind, Then he followed up with, “Would you like it in ice, room temp. or would you like it in the bottle and just chilled.” I said, ” Chilled is fine.” I turned to Jenny and I asked, “Is this because I am new?” “He does not have to do any of this I can do it myself.” “He is so kind!” Jenny laughed and said, “He is always like that and he is a great husband.” I thought to myself, ”

So, the first meeting back fresh out of a breakup and it was none other than spouses night……

I told myself I can do this….I was handed a sheet of paper and two of the questions were something to the effect of:

1.) What would you do or how could you improve your current relationship?

2. ) How do you show love to your spouse in everyday life?

I thought to myself I can do this and this is good for me.

Well, we then go into the other room with the husbands and there I am the fresh broken up single gay man with a room full of women and their husbands.

Well, we then were instructed to read our answers out loud.

We went question by, question and when we got to the big two ….Jenny was like. “You do not have to answer.” I said, no I am going to participate.

I said something like, how would I improve my current relationship> I said, something like. Since I am freshly broken up with someone that I thought I was in love with , but as in life we are blinded by things and we make errors in judgement. But, I am in a relationship with myself right now and I need to rebuild myself and boost myself up and I need to do that by listening to those who are around me and see something that I do not see right now and I need to just shake it off and move on. Because, no man or woman on the face of this earth. Should ever get to me the way that this last person did and I have learned a lesson and that is that sometimes it is ok to do what is best for you and that is what I am doing.

When it came to how can I show love to my spouse everyday.

My answer was, “Since I do not have a spouse I am going to relate this to people in my everyday life, but a quote from the Wizard of Oz sums this up in my opinion best when asked about showing love from the heart. The wizard told the Tin Man when he gave him a heart that “A measure of a man’s heart is not by how much he is loved , but how much he is loved by others.”

February came and career conference was coming up and that meant that the deadline or cut off date for being, “On Target” for the Court of Sales. I worked harder that I have ever worked in my life and when I attended Career Conference in San Marcos. I walked that stage, on target. I met so many friends , but as I was going to the stage in that line I looked around the room and noticed that I was being stared at. Not, just started at there were literally women around the room whos eyes were becoming wide and their jaws were dropping. I began to get this fear over me as I got closer I was about to lose it and then a local NSD Roxanne was at the base of the stairs. She, gave me a hug and told me how proud she was of me and the fear left me. When I was cued to walk up those stairs and walk towards the NSD handing us our gifts at center stage lit up by the stage lights she had a look on her face and she then smiled and said congratulations. Now, after she said that she said is someone taking your photo and I said I think she is over there and the next thing I know I see Jenny right in front waving and the NSD gave me a little shove and there were women and I looked at Jenny and the room clapped and cheered and I waved at Jenny and a tear ran down my cheek and I nodded and smiled and walked off stage and I was about to lose it and then all of these Consultants began to ask me all of these questions and then one of them said, you must meet the only other guy I do believe is here. I then was shoved towards this guy and introduced myself and I spoke with him for a few minutes and then returned to my seat and I told Jenny thank you and grabbed my phone and excused myself and I needed a breather and went to the mens’s room where I knew was the only place that I could be alone for just a second to gather myself.

I have never in my life felt such love and such honest pride in something that I have accomplished and now as I work to finish my goals I am ready after two weeks of putting together a plan. Just like the Allied forces planned D-Day I am going to finish strong and I made so many friend in San Marcos and now I am planning some event with the other Male consultant and I am calling us: “The Men of Mary Kay.” So, that is the story up to date and now it is time to finish strong…..If you are in Colorado I will be planning an event and workshop and I will be posting dates. Please message me if you are interested as space will be limited.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with me……Please call: 254-979-5719 it does not matter what part of the US you live in!! Just call if you want to or have a question as I do not mind.

Now, onward to Seminar!!!