Inauguration Day/Six Activist Wanted

Today is the day that we see the transition of power from a former President to the newly elected Donald J. Trump as he will be sworn into the highest office in the land and officially become President of the United States. Now, I did not support Trump. I was a Hillary Clinton supporter. I was a Delegate for Hillary in Texas. I volunteered for her campaign. I was a Hillraiser and I also did other things to try and get a person who I know still will fight for me in the White House. But, as we have seen our country is divided. That is why I am writing this note. Recently, I have gone through some tough setbacks in my private life. After Hillary lost the election I got mad at the Democratic Party and the leaders at the State level. I blamed others for the loss of a candidate that I supported. As, time when on and more weight fell off of my body I saw friends who were passionate about the cause continue to protest as it was peaceful and they were just expressing who they are and what they believe. But, it was the violent protests that upset me because I did not spend over a year and a half fighting hard for someone who didn’t even vote to destroy property, danger lives and then have the gaul to carry a Clinton/Kane Sign. So, I disconnected for a while and prayed and asked God to allow me to find peace because I am Hispanic and LGBT and I am the one of three Democrats in my family that I know of and I know how some not all , but some of the Republicans feel about certain minority groups and my friends around the state became fearful for my safety. But, I woke up one day and realized that regardless if I voted for Hillary and my neighbor voted for Trump. Hillary won the popular vote , but our system is set up with the electoral college so Trump won enough delegates to win the election. Hard pill to swallow since Hillary had around three million more votes cast in her favor. Three million more people trusted her over Trump , yet he still calls it a movement. That is in the eye of the beholder. But, I realized that if I did not try and work with my friends and other people that are elected Republicans. I am never going to make a difference and on top of that I am a strong christian and I do not feel that Americans should be attacking other Americans. I know that Trump is not perfect. Hillary was not perfect either. Now, that we have established that not just they are not perfect, lets remember that no one in history except for or, at least the way I believe Jesus Christ was perfect. So basically one person who has ever walked this earth has been perfect. So, lets keep that in mind and Democrats. Let’s try please to act with a little more respect for the other side and quit acting so hateful towards your fellow countrymen. Republicans you are just as much to blame. The election is over. It is time to move on and unite our country and Texas. Now, there is an issue that needs to be worked on in Texas and I have been thinking about this for a few weeks and so I am officially announcing that I am going to begin a bi-partisan group on Facebook. The first issue that I want us to work on is public education. I have some groups that some friends who are in politics have told me would help and help us. But, on this commission which I have not named yet. I want three Republicans and Three Democrats. Now, anyone is welcome to let me know if they are interested and you can live in any state across the US. But, the one stipulation is that you must not be a current serving public official on either side of the aisle or work for anyone who is an elected official. I know what I am looking for and I know what we need to do and what needs to be done so if you are willing to work and are passionate please like the page or send me a message and just include your education level, age, reason for wanting to join and your party affiliation. Also, include any past volunteer work that you might have done. This is not a paid position and there are only six positions open. But, I promise you that if you decide you want to get involved. Once you learn everything I have planned. Your will be excited if you are a political junkie like me. But, we will work together and everything discussed will remain a secret until we are completed and ready to take action that will be effective and make a difference. So if anyone is up for the challenge let me know. I will take names until the end of February. You can also email me at: please leave contact information as if I call you. Your in!! Let’s make a difference!!
God Bless,
Dawson Hicks