Jennie Lou Leeder Visits Comanche County

A couple of weeks ago the Democratic Nominee for the Texas Senate representing District 24 visited Comanche County. In the early morning hours she began her tour with a stop at the Historic Old Cora on the Comanche Square. Then, to cover as much ground as possible she went to Deleon, Texas to chat with the Coffee Drinkers at HWY 6 Cafe. After about a thirty minute chat with the locals in Deleon she visited the Doctors Medical Center as she wanted to see first hand the Healthcare that Comanche County has and although most of the Doctors were on their rounds. She did meet with the receptionists and speak to them about issues regarding healthcare. Then it was off to the Corps of Engineers where she spoke to the Proctor Lake Manager about infrastructure issues that she has on her mind and wanted feedback on what he wanted to see happen in Austin. After that she visited the Upper Leon Water District where she talked at length with a worker who was very concerned with the direction the country is going in. She answered very tough questions about almost everything regarding the Democratic Party. After that great visit she Toured Durham Pecan’s Factory and Retail Shop on HWY 377. She was amazed to see how such a small town could have such an operation and was even treated to some of their legendary chocolate covered peanuts. Finally, to wrap up her tour she visited the Comanche County Courthouse and met the Tax Accessor and the County Clerk. She encourages anyone with questions to contact her directly as she answers her phone and her email personally and you can find her contact information at:

Left to Right: Jennie Lou Leeder at Durham’s Pecan Plant and Retail Store with Plant Manager David Brawley and Lance Morgan; Jennie Lou Leeder chatting with the coffee drinkers at: HWY 6 Cafe in Deleon, Texas; Jennie Lou Leeder at Historic Old Cora in Downtown Comanche, Texas


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