Is Dawn Buckingham Really For Public Education??

I have been covering the tight Senate District 24 race between Republican Candidate Dawn Buckingham an Eye Surgeon from Austin. (How a Surgeon can relate to a Senate District made mostly of Agriculturally based rural towns is beyond me.) But, she did win the runoff over Susan King the widely adored State Representative from Abilene. Buckingham’s tactics in the race were the most vicious I have ever seen in a Texas race. But, that is besides the point. We are focused on Texas Education and how Dawn Buckingham has said that she is for Public Education. Well, if that is the case then why does she keep missing the Retired Texas Teachers Association meetings. She was a no show in Mills County. Although, I was informed that she will be holding a meet and greet in Mills County. Which to the best of my knowledge she did not visit the County during the Primary or the Runoff Campaign. She said that she had to work. Now, I can understand that a Dr. must tend to her patients and I agree that yes patients are important. But, Buckingham has been popping up everywhere across the District , but with only certain people. She was pictured with a few people here and there , but they tend to be people that I guess she can relate to. People that are not your average main street , blue collar workers in my opinion. Why is she not attending meetings like the Retired Teachers? Perhaps we should be asking ourselves if she really is for Public Education considering Governor Perry tried to get ahold of the Teacher Retirement Service , but failed. The Republican Party in Texas has a history of not supporting Public Education and Teachers , but supporting Vouchers and Private Schools. Dr. Buckingham, are you really for public education?? Why are you not showing up at these meetings?? Feel free to email me at: with your response. I would love to hear your reasons behind it. An elected official who will remain nameless best described her I think when he or she said that she was just, “Another Politician” and then he pleaded the fifth. dawn


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