Latest Presidential Polls…..

So, I am reposting these poll numbers taken directly from: 

Although, it is a tight race as we enter into July and the National Conventions will official nominate their candidates for President of the United States. The polls right now are in Hillary Clinton’s favor. Trump is clearly the Republican’s nominee for President and Clinton is the Democratic nominee. But, you can bet that this year both the Republican and Democratic conventions will be more interesting that watching  Kim Kardashian. By, that I mean that what you see on television at the conventions will be actually be reality television with a meaning behind the actions and speeches made by the speakers and votes cast by the Delegates. This unlike the K’s is important for the entire country. With that being said, Bernie Sanders has not dropped out of the race. I personally think that he his hoping that he can switch the minds of delegates at the national convention or make a scene to try and prove a point. Who knows…..But, without anymore of my opinions here are the latest polls…..enjoy!!

Battle for the White House
RCP Poll Averages
Election 2016 Clinton Trump RCP Average

RCP Poll Average Clinton  46.1 Trump  39.4   Clinton +6.7

4-Way RCP Average Clinton 42.3 Trump 36.7 Clinton +5.6

RCP Electoral Map Clinton  211  Trump  164

Battlegrounds Clinton Trump RCP Average

Pennsylvania        Clinton 43.0 Trump  42.5   Clinton +0.5
Florida                     Clinton 45.2   Trump 41.8   Clinton +3.4
Ohio                        Clinton 43.0  Trump  40.3 Clinton +2.7
Virginia                  Clinton  43.8  Trump  39.8    Clinton +4.0
North Carolina            Clinton 42.7  Trump 44.0  Trump +1.3
Georgia                    Clinton  40.8  Trump  45.0   Trump +4.2
New Hampshire           Clinton  43.0 Trump  36.5 Clinton +6.5

Dem Delegates: Clinton 2220  Sanders 1831 Clinton +389
Popular Vote  Clinton   16.2m Sanders   12.4m   Clinton +3.8m

GOP Delegates Trump   1542  Cruz   559 Trump +983
Popular Vote Trump  13.3m Cruz  7.6m Trump +5.7m

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