I am proud to announce that I am running for the SDEC Representing Senate District 24


I am proud to announce that I have decided to run for the State Democratic Executive Committee (Committeeman) Position Representing Senate District 24 at the Texas Democratic Convention in June. I am a delegate from Comanche County , but I want to represent all of the counties that make up our Senate District and I know that I can bring a powerful, strong and new voice with progressive ideas to the SDEC if elected. I would be honored to represent Senate District 24 and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will be able to represent all Democrats in SD 24. That is why I am running so that the counties that feel like they have been forgotten or feel like they have no voice will once again have a SDEC Committeeman who will stand up and represent even the smallest county at the SDEC Meetings and in the Texas Democratic Party. For too long have I seen the Democratic party decline in these small counties because of poor leadership or lack of involvement and that must change. But, to accomplish this task we must include all Democrats not just a certain few and we must be open to new ideas and new blood on the SDEC. With that being said, I have written every single elected Delegate in Senate District 24 asking for their support and vote and I hope that if you are an elected delegate you will stand with me and support me so that I can stand up for you and represent you! I can not wait to meet all of you in San Antonio and together we can not only make a difference , but we can turn Texas Blue Again!!


Much Love,

Dawson Hicks

Delegate Comanche County


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