Thank You For Everything Friends!

Source: Thank You For Everything Friends!


Thank You For Everything Friends!


I would just like to say personally thank you for everything that people across the state and country have done for my grandfather as he has been ill these past few months. I never expected to see such an outpouring of love and support from so many people. From the people who have mowed their lawn. To the endless cards and calls of encouragement and the food that has been delivered by so many people. I personally have been blown away by the random acts of kindness that people in the Comanche area have done to try and help during this difficult time. There are no words or posts on Facebook or cards that can express how much you have helped during this time. Comanche and the surrounding area took care of one of their own when he was in a time of need. My grandparents are my inspiration on how I should live my life and we still have a recovery process to go through , but it is a miracle he is alive and celebrating his 89th birthday today! The endless prayers from across the country were heard by God and God answered the prayers and it was not Papa’s time to go. Papa still has a purpose on this earth. I am so fortunate to have both of them in my life and I love them so much and I saw just how much their friends love them also. Mikaela, Jade and Amber thank you for being my rocks of comfort and strength. You all are always there when I need you. Thank you Shane and the Nurses that have been there for my grandfather. The healthcare workers in Stephenville and Ft. Worth and Kerry Dudley  our conversation the other night brought me peace.   It brings me to tears to think of the random acts of kindness people have done over the past few months. From the bottom of my heart I say, Thank You! I will never forget this. I would like to close with a quote from the Wizard of Oz. When the Tin Man got a heart and the Wizard told him: “The measure of a man’s heart is not by how much he loves, but how much he is loved by others.”


Dawson Hicks

“Legalize It” an essay by: J.R.

Legalize It!

Marijuana, Mary Jane, weed, pot, grass, and herb, we all know what it is. Its effects the smell, some may even know what it looks like. The thing most people want to know about marijuana though is what makes it so bad so immoral to make it illegal. The answer is short sweet, and simple. Nothing! It’s impossible to smoke enough to overdose; if an anorexic can’t eat their minds might be changed after a couple of hits of ganja.  How can something be a “drug” when you grow it out of the ground? The most chemical thing done to marijuana might be photosynthesis.. Marijuana can do miraculous things IF smoked in moderation, and the fact that it is illegal or even criminalized is completely ludicrous.

Marijuana is one of the easiest plants to grow, it will almost grow anywhere! Meaning, it could quite possibly be the future number one cash crop in America, which in return could lower the national debt. Let’s take a look shall we? “The federal government could save as much as $13.7 billion annually if it were to legalize marijuana. According to a paper by Harvard Economist, Jeffery Miron.” (Lucia Graves) Right now the current national debt is $15,724,907,364,955, and $13.7 billion would be a tremendous start to clearing that nasty looking number we have as a national debt up. Seriously though, if people go out and buy “Marlboro Marijuana’s” like they buy their Marlboro Reds we’ll be on a smooth road to debt free America in no time! If one was wondering, more than HALF the federal savings would come from not having to enforce these insane prohibition laws against the plant. Then the following six million dollars would come from taxation similar to that of tobacco and alcohol. Which by the way would only be the first year, I can only see that business skyrocketing. (Lucia Graves) Also the legalization of this plant would create more jobs, which would also help the economy. Since before I was in high school I’ve been in high school Obama has been saying “We need to make more jobs.” Well Mr. President here is the golden opportunity to do so, and it’s staring at you right in the eyes! As a matter of fact it’d help get welfare into the right hands instead of lazy drug dealers making “under the table money.” Most importantly it would raise the nation’s GDP. In fact in America and most countries for that matter drug sales account for eighty eight percent of the unofficial GDP. (C. Whitaker) So far the economic effects should be more than enough for marijuana to be legalized, but this is just the tip of the gigantic iceberg.

Legalizing marijuana would not only help get the country out of its enormous debt, the medical effects are mind blowing. Chemo patients who can finally eat and sleep right, eye disorders are seemingly gone, and the hard core anorexic can finally start putting some meat on her  bones with the help of marijuana. Just to get things rolling nice and easy take a look at the benefits of medical marijuana. For starters the cannaboids are high potent pain relievers. They have an incredibly strong effect to relieve pain in the nerves. So if a patient has HIV, nerve damage, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, or herpes, and doesn’t have the money for the expensive medication they could simply save a few bucks for a prescribed dose of their favorite strain of marijuana, and then POOF! Within fifteen minutes of “Sick John’s” joint being sparked the pain is virtually gone. Not only does marijuana help with pain in some patients, but it also helps with severe migraines fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel syndrome. These aliments are all caused by endocanniboid deficiency. In other words “Sick Scott” is putting cannaboids into his body by smoking marijuana. Also in patients with ocular hypertension, glaucoma, cataracts, etc. the THC in the marijuana actually reduces fluid pressure in the eyes which reduces pain, and can actually help the patient see better in some cases. How can something so beneficial be so morally “wrong?” Especially with what it can do for cancer patients, and people receiving chemotherapy. For instance a majority of cancer patients have insomnia which is the inability to sleep. This is insomnia is cause by pain, nausea, and anxiety, which marijuana helps with all of those. Seeing as the potency for medical marijuana is extremely strong one to two doses of marijuana thirty minutes before bed time will do the trick. Finally the cancer patient gets a good night’s sleep without waking up in pain, or having to go vomit. On the plus side of that he or she won’t wake up in the morning with that “groggy pill hangover” and is feeling well rested for the first time in months. Also the most beneficial effect medical marijuana has on chemo patients is the fact it takes the lack of appetite and nausea away. Since taking in all the nutrients and vitamins is a vital factor in fighting cancer it’s easy to see why not being able to eat would be a big deal. So the affected person just smokes a bowl before each meal and receives more than enough vitamins and nutrients. Plus they can actually keep their meals down now that the nausea is gone.

The third and final reason marijuana should be legalized is the fact that it is nowhere near as deleterious or harmful as alcohol. The main reason being the deaths linked with alcohol, alcohol poisoning, drinking and driving accidents, the physical damage to the body and much  more. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that there are more than 37,000 annual alcohol related deaths, while marijuana on the other hand doesn’t even have a category in their books! Also seeing how alcohol is the most toxic drug it is very easy to drink too much and die. While it is LITTERALLY impossible to smoke too much marijuana and die, the most that could happen is passing out and waking up with a cough. Lastly unlike marijuana which calms the nerves making the smoker more relaxed, happy, and secure alcohol leads to violent behavior. Also alcohol causes violent crimes such as domestic violence (spouse or child), robbery, murder, and rape to occur. Marijuana shouldn’t be illegal if anything alcohol should be outlawed and the “Marlboro Marijuana’s” should take their place on the shelves of America.

Some people might go as far against marijuana to call it a “gateway drug”. Well for starters marijuana DOES NOT increase risk taking it lowers it, so how would it make “Baxter” want to go do a line of cocaine? Also for every one hundred smokers in America there is only one coke fiend. It just doesn’t make since there should be more people out there doing hard drugs if marijuana is truly a “gateway drug.” For that matter you chemically do things for something to be a drug, so planting a seed, watering it, and letting it soak up some sun shouldn’t make this PLANT a “drug.”

So marijuana could be a king cash crop in America to pull the nation out of a sickening debt, it helps the terminally ill get through everyday life which seemed impossible, and it’s far less harmful than drug that is mass-produced, marketed, and distributed every single day. There is nothing wrong with this God given plant that grows out his earth. So hopefully one day soon America will get its head out of its ass and realize there is nothing morally wrong, or criminalizing about this wonderful, helpful plant. Then “Jimmy” can finally come home, eat dinner, get ready for bed and, smoke a bowl before laying down after a hard day’s work, with no worries.