“The Donald Trump Show” or ” The Official Voice of the Republican Party”

So, I know that politics is a touchy subject, but it is amazing to me that the Republicans are showing up in large numbers to support Donald Trump. For, this man knows how to work the camera and the media. He has never held public office which makes him more attractive to those out there who are tired of: “Bought Politicians”. It amazes me that he can insult an entire Country and the Republicans still support him. Yes, he says what comes to his mind. But, I can not think for a second that a person who really has a brain would consider him seriously for the position of President of the United States. Trump as leader of the free world. Can you imagine? Or, perhaps it just shows as one friend pointed out how many pissed off people there are in the south that are tired of the bull sh*t. I can understand that and I know that times are tough. People are frustrated and that is why Trump jumped in the race. He is using the feelings of the voters to his advantage and it is working. I am not voting Republican and I am glad that he is ahead of Bush because God knows we do not need another Bush in the White House. But, I wonder if at the Republican National Convention if he does win the nomination if the Republicans will really vote him to be the nominee. Does that show how far the GOP has gone to the right? Will they admit that TRUMP and all he says, stands for and believes be the voice of the Republicans? For, as it stands right now he is the voice of the GOP and as mad as the other contenders are Trump is running as a Republican. For, he shares their common values and positions on topics , but has the courage to say it out loud. No matter what he says he never retracts his statements. That my friends is the GOP. But, now they have a man who is willing to have the courage of his convictions and say out loud what all of them really believe in. Trump reflects every single Republican in this country from the County level all the way up to the national level and the Senators and Reps in Congress. Is this what you really want America? Think about that the next time we have an election. Do your research and see what all he has said. Do you want a man like that Representing the greatest country in the world? He is playing the game very well and he is great entertainment. I love how one of his advisors is an former contestant on his reality show. You think Washington is a mess now. Vote him in office. Give Trump the power he craves. Then he will be the Commander in Chief and have full control. If you think he is outspoken now. Just imagine the meeting with Vladimir Putin or German Chancellor Merkel. The last thing we need is to piss Russia off and Germany at the same time. I ask you to think rationally. Or, just do not vote and do a favor for the rest of us who actually care and know just what is at stake.


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