“The Donald Trump Show” or ” The Official Voice of the Republican Party”

Dawson Hicks: "The Blog"

So, I know that politics is a touchy subject, but it is amazing to me that the Republicans are showing up in large numbers to support Donald Trump. For, this man knows how to work the camera and the media. He has never held public office which makes him more attractive to those out there who are tired of: “Bought Politicians”. It amazes me that he can insult an entire Country and the Republicans still support him. Yes, he says what comes to his mind. But, I can not think for a second that a person who really has a brain would consider him seriously for the position of President of the United States. Trump as leader of the free world. Can you imagine? Or, perhaps it just shows as one friend pointed out how many pissed off people there are in the south that are tired of the bull…

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