Faith and a Mustard Seed…..

Once upon a time….Like all great stories begin …….There were two friends sitting in the middle of Texas in the worst dry spell in recent memory. The local lake had fallen below 30% and water was a sacred thing to have in this community. For, it had not rained a good rain in a while. One friend said to the other, I bet that the lake fills up and things improve.” The other friend replied, “There is no way the lake will fill up it would take water of biblical proportions to fill up that lake.” The other friend quickly responded with, “I know your not religious, but my faith teaches me that Jesus talked about faith and having the faith even the size of a mustard seed and you can move mountains. A rough translation , but you get the point. I have faith that the lake does fill up.” The other friend responded with, ” Ok let’s make a bet and the loser has to take the other one to Paris.” The other friend accepted the wager and they both agreed the timetable should be a year. That seemed fair and like enough time to see any results. Then one of the friends said, ” I have faith that the lake will fill up for if God wants to fill the lake up he will.” The response was one of a well educated man, ” We will see, but the earth is going through a phase where the landscape is changing and the weather is also changing due to the earth’s position as it rotates around the sun….” The other friend having ADD quit listening and just said, “If God wants the lake filled he will do it.” “It is simple just have faith”. He got a silent response.

The next day it began to rain. In fact it has rained every day since those two had their little discussion. Texas was pulled out of the water shortage.

The two friends met again and one replied to the other. ” See, just a little faith goes a long way.” He was answered by a grin and a “Whatever”

Meanwhile, the rain continued on a daily basis and the water became a real serious issue for some people in the state. Creeks and Rivers rose at record speed flooding major cities.

The two friends met again, and all one friend to the other was. ” Faith of a Mustard Seed”

The other remained silent.

Finally as our story ends the tale is not over , but the last I had heard the local dry lake had risen to over 58% and was still rising. The lake is filling up.

The End

Now, this is a work of fiction , but would it not be interesting if it was a true story. I hear France is nice in the coming months. A trip to Paris just for having the faith of a mustard seed. Perhaps, we all need a little faith. I know I have mine. – DH


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