Congratulations to Re-Elected Mayor Clifton and the other Elected Officials!

I just wanted to take the time to send my congratulations to Mayor Ronnie Clifton on his major win over Bonnie Huett. Although, not many people voted in the local election Mayor Clifton was re-elected in my point of view because he did not run a negative campaign and because of the genuine and kind person that he is. I am proud to call him mayor and can not wait to see what new and exciting direction he leads Comanche into. I know he is the man for the job and we are proud of his victory. The city council race I was disappointed because I did not feel Mr. Hall needed to be re-elected , but maybe he will be a little more productive and change his ways. Congratulations to Jimmy Cuellar a new member of the council! Change is coming slowly , but it is happening! Who knows maybe I should run. (Kidding)


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