It is time to Re-Elect Ronnie Clifton

Comamche needs a leader who stands by his values and represents all of ours! Join with me friends and re-elect Mayor Ronnie Clifton in the next local election! This is vital to the future of our community. I personally have stood beside many people seeking election and helped them run. Judge Arthur, Michael Jones then stood with Sid Miller as he took on JD Sheffield. I have been at the front of many political fights in my days in Comanche and I know that Ronnie Clifton is the man for the job. Join with me as we re-elect a mayor who has made progress in a town that was dying. Ronnie won his first term against a mayor who had stopped progression in Comanche. Ronnie was elected and has made Comanche a better place for all of us! It is time to unite as a town and stand up for our core beliefs. It is time to end this fight once and for all! 


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