Wonderful Things To Host Local Election Watch Party

This local election season is winding down and no one really knows who will win the election. Back in the old days the citizens of Comanche would sit on the courthouse lawn and wait for the results to be written on a chalk board. It was quite an occasion in Comanche. People cared about the local races and cared about voting. When I had a store on the north side of the square I threw an election watch party and it was a blast! Well local businesswoman and activist Sharon McKinnon is carrying on the tradition and will be hosting a watch party the night of the local elections. It will be held at her store Wonderful Things and I can not think of a better place to wait for the results. I usually go to the Courthouse and wait for the boxes to be counted , but this year I will be at Wonderful Things.  Everyone is invited regardless of your opinions or preference of candidate it will be a night of unity. A night where citizens of Comanche come together to see who our next local officials are! So put May 9th in your Smart Phones and do not forget to vote and then at 7:00PM head on down to Wonderful Things. If you have never been to a watch party they really are a fun event!


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