Comanche City Council Endorsements “The Hicks Endorsement”

So after doing my research I have come to the following decision on who I think is best for the Comanche City Council places that are up for grabs. I guess this is what a person thinks about while waiting for clothes to dry so you can finish packing for a much needed vacation! But, here is what I have decided.

1. Kerry Dudley I feel would make a very good council woman because she is not afraid to speak her mind and she in my opinion is what we need on the Council. Someone who will ask questions and not be afraid to question issues that come up at meetings. In fact if elected I feel that she could be in time the council’s most vital member. For, it has been my experience with Kerry that when she says she is going to do something she follows through with her promise and gets the job done! That is what Comanche needs on the city council.

2. Cindy Niblett– Cindy like Kerry is outspoken and she is not afraid to speak the truth regardless of the circumstances. She stands by her beliefs and she has been a very kind person to me and to many others in this area. I would consider her new to the political world in Comanche , but do not mistake that for weakness. Cindy is a tough cookie who can hold her own in any discussion and I promise you that she will have the facts to back up her argument. She also is not afraid to admit she is in the wrong and it takes a very big person to be able to admit they are wrong. We as humans do not like to admit our errors and that is something we also need on the council is a member who can hold a conversation based in fact , but also someone who is not afraid to admit a mistake. Cindy, has shown me kindness that words can not properly explain the respect I have for her and we need her also on the City Council.

Remember to Vote!


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