Early Voting Has Begun in Comanche’s Local Election! 

Early voting has begun at the Comanche County Courthouse Basement. Be sure to go and vote in the local elections. Regardless of your preferences it is important to go and exercise your right to vote! This election is perhaps one of the most important local elections in recent history. So, go and vote! Remember that you will need a photo ID and your voter registration card to vote. So, don’t forget that as you head to the polls. 


It is time to Re-Elect Ronnie Clifton

Comamche needs a leader who stands by his values and represents all of ours! Join with me friends and re-elect Mayor Ronnie Clifton in the next local election! This is vital to the future of our community. I personally have stood beside many people seeking election and helped them run. Judge Arthur, Michael Jones then stood with Sid Miller as he took on JD Sheffield. I have been at the front of many political fights in my days in Comanche and I know that Ronnie Clifton is the man for the job. Join with me as we re-elect a mayor who has made progress in a town that was dying. Ronnie won his first term against a mayor who had stopped progression in Comanche. Ronnie was elected and has made Comanche a better place for all of us! It is time to unite as a town and stand up for our core beliefs. It is time to end this fight once and for all! 

Wonderful Things To Host Local Election Watch Party

This local election season is winding down and no one really knows who will win the election. Back in the old days the citizens of Comanche would sit on the courthouse lawn and wait for the results to be written on a chalk board. It was quite an occasion in Comanche. People cared about the local races and cared about voting. When I had a store on the north side of the square I threw an election watch party and it was a blast! Well local businesswoman and activist Sharon McKinnon is carrying on the tradition and will be hosting a watch party the night of the local elections. It will be held at her store Wonderful Things and I can not think of a better place to wait for the results. I usually go to the Courthouse and wait for the boxes to be counted , but this year I will be at Wonderful Things.  Everyone is invited regardless of your opinions or preference of candidate it will be a night of unity. A night where citizens of Comanche come together to see who our next local officials are! So put May 9th in your Smart Phones and do not forget to vote and then at 7:00PM head on down to Wonderful Things. If you have never been to a watch party they really are a fun event!

The Hicks Endorsement – The Entire List For Comanche’s Local Elections

Mayor of Comanche

It is with great pride that I endorse Ronnie Clifton for mayor of Comanche. Ronnie has proven over the years that he is a good Christian man and when he first ran he ran on the principal of “Becoming Involved”. He had no bitterness in his heart he just wanted to improve Comanche which he has done and the things that he had managed to do no one else ever has. We need a Mayor who will represent us in a manner that is consistent with our beliefs as a community as a whole. We are a town that has many good Christian people who care for each other and there is no other person running that cares in that manner. Some say he is a “Yes” man , but Ronnie has the courage of his convictions and expresses them in a manner that is socially acceptable. When you vote in May remember what we had before Ronnie then look at what Ronnie has done. There is still work to be done , but there will always be things about this town people will never like. That in my opinion is not a reason to unseat a mayor who actually cares about the town and the people in it. Think of your personal beliefs before you vote. Then vote based on what your heart tells you is right and what is in the best interest of the town in the long scheme of things.

City Council

Kerry Dudley– I attend church with Kerry and I have known her my entire life. She is a woman who is not afraid to stand up and speak up for what she believes in and that is exactly what we need on the City Council. We need someone who will stand up and speak out for what the citizens want. Yes we want our roads fixed and our sewer lines and our water system needs help and Kerry I firmly believe is a person who can bring about those changes. She truly cares and she wants the job and I fully endorse her for City Council. When you vote think about this. Do we really want another person on the council who does nothing or is a pushover. I say out with the old and in with the new!

Cindy Niblett- Like Kerry Cindy is one that gets things done and can make things happen. I know that she is new on the political scene , but the people who have been on the council seeking re-election have not really done anything. I think it is time to vote some new blood in and Cindy is a kind and caring woman who will stand up for what she believes is right and in the best interest of the community. I seriously doubt she will ever Abstain from a vote! That is playing it politically safe and taking the easy way out and we need people who have the courage of their convictions. It is time we have people on our City Council who have an opinion and are not afraid to express it! She would better Comanche!

Please vote! Please take the time to show that you care for your town and take the time to take a stand! It is time for us to come together and ensure that the proper people be elected so that Comanche’s best interest is put first. But, the choice is up to you and you alone.

– Dawson Hicks

Comanche City Council Endorsements “The Hicks Endorsement”

So after doing my research I have come to the following decision on who I think is best for the Comanche City Council places that are up for grabs. I guess this is what a person thinks about while waiting for clothes to dry so you can finish packing for a much needed vacation! But, here is what I have decided.

1. Kerry Dudley I feel would make a very good council woman because she is not afraid to speak her mind and she in my opinion is what we need on the Council. Someone who will ask questions and not be afraid to question issues that come up at meetings. In fact if elected I feel that she could be in time the council’s most vital member. For, it has been my experience with Kerry that when she says she is going to do something she follows through with her promise and gets the job done! That is what Comanche needs on the city council.

2. Cindy Niblett– Cindy like Kerry is outspoken and she is not afraid to speak the truth regardless of the circumstances. She stands by her beliefs and she has been a very kind person to me and to many others in this area. I would consider her new to the political world in Comanche , but do not mistake that for weakness. Cindy is a tough cookie who can hold her own in any discussion and I promise you that she will have the facts to back up her argument. She also is not afraid to admit she is in the wrong and it takes a very big person to be able to admit they are wrong. We as humans do not like to admit our errors and that is something we also need on the council is a member who can hold a conversation based in fact , but also someone who is not afraid to admit a mistake. Cindy, has shown me kindness that words can not properly explain the respect I have for her and we need her also on the City Council.

Remember to Vote!