Thoughts on the City Council Election

Well after much consideration and thought I feel that our city council needs a breath of fresh air. I love and consider the current members my friends , but like most offices there should be term limits and one person has been on there long enough. I urge the citizens of Comanche to vote for someone new. Let’s take the plunge and think out of the box. Perhaps, it will be the change that we so desperately need and want. We need someone outspoken who is not afraid to speak their mind and we need younger representation on the council. We need people who will question other members of the council on any decisions that they are making. We need a good democratic City Council. It is time to change things up and I hope you will join me and change up the council for the better! Let’s vote and let’s vote in new blood! They are all great people , but sometimes it is time to put a horse out to pasture because they are not making the difference that is needed. That to me says that they feel that things are perfectly fine the way that they are and that is far from the truth. Show up to vote in record numbers. Let’s take back this city and change it once and for all.

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. –Warren Bennis


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