A Mayor Represents All of Us! 

So, the race in Comanche and the most talked about is the race for Mayor. Now, I honesty am pleased with Mayor Clifton and I know that he a man who is respected and share the same Christian values and beliefs. Beliefs that have earned the respect of the community we all live in. He is running because he really wants to improve our town. He is not running because he has any agenda. Who would you rather represent you and our town? It is great to make promises that has no other solution , but to raise taxes. I have been involved in many campaigns on the Federal, State and Local level and i have met some of the political superstars like Chelsea Clinton and Sarah Palin. So, when I give my two cents on this subject it comes from personal experience. 

When someone runs for a position of power in a small community people need to know where you came and from and will need your services. I want a huge voter turnout in comanche and i want people to stop and think. Who do you thing best represents the person you are? 


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