The Hicks Endorsement……The Mayor’s Race in Comanche, Texas

It is without hesitation that I fully endorse and lend all of my support to and ask all of the voters to join me when we head to the polls to vote for Mayor of Comanche. For, there is only one person for the job and that is Ronnie Clifton.  I remember in school he would always tell us that we should get involved in the political process regardless on what level we were active just to become active. Well he became active and won by a land slide. Students went from school to the voting polls to cast their votes for a man who has become an inspiration to so many of us who had him in class and then had him as a principal or a coach. He respected us and showed us that a person in a position of power can be kind, honest and manage to carry a position not only in the education system , but in local political office with dignity, grace and kindness. Not looking to make enemies , but to act on what is best for Comanche and all of it’s citizens. His record as a mayor who has been active in helping progress Comanche speaks for itself. Some would argue that he has not done enough , but progression does take time and at least we are moving forward. He is a good Christian man who is running to better the city. Not, with any hidden agendas or motives. But, in my opinion with the hope that we can continue to move forward. For, if we in Comanche keep looking at the past. It will do not do anything , but halt the progress we have already made. Join me as I cast my vote for: Ronnie Clifton and do not forget to vote!!! Remember, “RC is for Me!”


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