A Heart That Is Healing

Well, it has been a little over a year since my last relationship. I do not normally talk about my personal life , but after hours and hours of working with my therapist. (Everyone needs a good one in their lives!) I have finally found closure. I finally am able to move on with my life. You see this person who I dumped was a severe alcoholic who had been disbarred by the Texas Bar Association he owed money to clients he failed to represent and he also had warrants out for his arrest. I did not know any of that I found it out on my own. Which was a hard enough pill to swallow. The Alcohol thing I tried to look past , but eventually it was too big of a problem for him. I am not against a drink in a social setting , but for the love of Moses a person should not have to have a beer at seven in the morning. Lone Star Beer at that…..I cared for him and will always to a certain degree care for him , but it pissed me off that he could not be honest. It angered me that he was choosing a substance over me. Imagine having a liquid being chosen over you. I am a successful recovering addict of 8 years now and I know a thing or two about recovery and addiction and so I knew that this was a battle I was not going to win. So, I finally just let him go. I went into a state of depression. I tried to date , but nothing sparked my interest until in December when I started texting this guy. He was from a town where I have relatives and so I thought what the hell he sounds interesting. Then he began to date someone else. Well, I held on to his number because I had met him it turns out a decade before and had a crush on him then and so for some reason I kept his number. Well, a couple of weekends ago I was going to visit my aunt and uncle and I sent him a message as I was passing through his town and he sent me one back. Turns out he had just broken up with the guy he had been seeing and so we began talking. Well I went to meet him for the first time and he is the kindest person who is working on his second Masters degree. He speaks French and is just too good to be true. So far things are going well it is still early and we do live in separate towns , but I am going up to see him again this weekend. So something must be going right. We will see I am still skeptical and will always be. But, I guess you have to keep your heart protected and just go with the flow and live in the moment. This is the most personal story I have ever blogged about and I actually feel relieved that I could get this off of my chest. I guess the moral of this post is always run a background check on an Attorney if you are going to date one or just steer clear of them altogether. They are poison to date. Oh, and never give up looking for that happy ending. It just may come one day. If it does it does if it does not well I will be dead and it won’t really matter.


Official Launch of dawsonhicks.com

I am happy to announce that my blog finally has it’s own domain name now! http://www.dawsonhicks.com

Be sure to keep reading as I cover the hot topics of the world. Fashion styles that you do not want to miss and my adventures in life. Also, if I come across a product you can not live without I will be sure and fill you in also!

To those who already follow me thank you for joining me on this journey!

– Dawson Hicks

Thoughts on the City Council Election

Well after much consideration and thought I feel that our city council needs a breath of fresh air. I love and consider the current members my friends , but like most offices there should be term limits and one person has been on there long enough. I urge the citizens of Comanche to vote for someone new. Let’s take the plunge and think out of the box. Perhaps, it will be the change that we so desperately need and want. We need someone outspoken who is not afraid to speak their mind and we need younger representation on the council. We need people who will question other members of the council on any decisions that they are making. We need a good democratic City Council. It is time to change things up and I hope you will join me and change up the council for the better! Let’s vote and let’s vote in new blood! They are all great people , but sometimes it is time to put a horse out to pasture because they are not making the difference that is needed. That to me says that they feel that things are perfectly fine the way that they are and that is far from the truth. Show up to vote in record numbers. Let’s take back this city and change it once and for all.

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. –Warren Bennis

A Mayor Represents All of Us! 

So, the race in Comanche and the most talked about is the race for Mayor. Now, I honesty am pleased with Mayor Clifton and I know that he a man who is respected and share the same Christian values and beliefs. Beliefs that have earned the respect of the community we all live in. He is running because he really wants to improve our town. He is not running because he has any agenda. Who would you rather represent you and our town? It is great to make promises that has no other solution , but to raise taxes. I have been involved in many campaigns on the Federal, State and Local level and i have met some of the political superstars like Chelsea Clinton and Sarah Palin. So, when I give my two cents on this subject it comes from personal experience. 

When someone runs for a position of power in a small community people need to know where you came and from and will need your services. I want a huge voter turnout in comanche and i want people to stop and think. Who do you thing best represents the person you are? 

The Hicks Endorsement……The Mayor’s Race in Comanche, Texas

It is without hesitation that I fully endorse and lend all of my support to and ask all of the voters to join me when we head to the polls to vote for Mayor of Comanche. For, there is only one person for the job and that is Ronnie Clifton.  I remember in school he would always tell us that we should get involved in the political process regardless on what level we were active just to become active. Well he became active and won by a land slide. Students went from school to the voting polls to cast their votes for a man who has become an inspiration to so many of us who had him in class and then had him as a principal or a coach. He respected us and showed us that a person in a position of power can be kind, honest and manage to carry a position not only in the education system , but in local political office with dignity, grace and kindness. Not looking to make enemies , but to act on what is best for Comanche and all of it’s citizens. His record as a mayor who has been active in helping progress Comanche speaks for itself. Some would argue that he has not done enough , but progression does take time and at least we are moving forward. He is a good Christian man who is running to better the city. Not, with any hidden agendas or motives. But, in my opinion with the hope that we can continue to move forward. For, if we in Comanche keep looking at the past. It will do not do anything , but halt the progress we have already made. Join me as I cast my vote for: Ronnie Clifton and do not forget to vote!!! Remember, “RC is for Me!”