Comanche’s Local Elections and Other Political Views……

So, usually I blog my endorsements for the local elections. This election I am refraining from making any endorsements except for the Mayor. I fully support Ronnie Clifton and know that he is the only man for the job. I remember the first election he ran in and how he mentioned about being a participant and not just a spectator. Such an inspirational man with a rich history in Comanche. As for the rest of the election. I will say that I support Kay Hagood who throughout my life has been a dear friend and knows the education system from years of experience. I would encourage people to vote based on what they know about the person. For, sometimes the “nicest” person is the most evil and can do the most harm. I have had dealings with one person who is running for school board and that person would be my last choice. But, he or she will not be named. I would recommend this time around for voters to stick to what they know. Sometimes keeping the same office holders proves to be more productive and this I feel could be one of those situations. You know I am one to speak my mind so now we move on to the city council. On this election I know all who are running and consider all of the prospects my friends. I honestly do not know enough to make a clear decision on the contested races. I know that our city needs work , but I feel that those who need to be replaced are not up for re-election at the present time. Granted, there are still changes that can be made on the Council and I am not saying that we should not keep an open mind when we vote. With that being said I would recommend or support any new or existing member who is elected. This is a tough election for me because I do not have someone running who I have rallied behind. Usually I am on my soap box or fighting against a specific person , but this time that is not the case. I am not pleased with our State Rep. , but there is nothing I can do about it as long as he comes from the largest county in the district. I do not care how many committees he is appointed to the man in my opinion lacks the skills to be a true leader. Just my opinion. I do not know my State Senator and I do not dare even touch the National level of politics at this time. It is just too stressful. Both sides of the aisle need to go. I have been saying for years we need to have a purple conversation. But, it just seems that we just fight more as the years go on. I am not happy with the president , but no one has asked me. Currently I am doubting both the Republicans and the Democrats. Where is Ross Perot when you need him!! This country needs a Margaret Thatcher. We need a strong woman in my opinion to lead this nation in the near future. At this point Hillary is not looking so bad. If given a choice between Hillary and Jeb I would vote for Hillary. Not because I am a liberal. But, because she has more experience in diplomacy and foreign relations and she would buck up to Putin. I think people do not like her because people are afraid of her true ability to lead. Just my opinion. Vote you must Vote to change the current situation and that my friends is your decision! For, if you do not vote you have no reason to complain and should just keep your mouth shut.


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