A Whole New World

I can not believe the difference in Tarleton State and Midwestern State it is so strange. It is a good college, but am I getting old? (I do not look old.) I feel as though I am over the hill I dread the discussion boards that are mandatory because I think out of the box as many know and apparently when you do that people like to then question you on why you believe that way. I answered at least ten questions today alone! I tend to think with an open mind and not with a closed mind and in Criminal Justice if you do not think with an open mind and give some issues a thought process where you look at both sides I do not think you should be allowed to be in the field. It is amazing to me to see the posts that are so fueled by hate and a viewpoint that is not based on factual evidence but, personal opinion that is so conservative even Sarah Palin looks like a liberal. It is an adjustment I did not expect to have to justify every single answer or response to the professor’s questions. But, I guess wherever I go I will stick out a little. I like it that way I do not want to blend in with the crowd. Some agree with my responses and everyone is entitled to their own opinions. It is hard and challenging to try and explain yourself to a person who says you have your facts wrong when I took a direct quote out of the textbook. How in the world do you try and convince a person who has not read the text that it is a fact? Heck, I should have signed up for a debate class because I feel like I am the only person who is thinking outside of the Central Texas box. If education in Texas continues in this direction we will have a state full of younger men and women who do not want to challenge any thoughts or ideas or even think instead we will end up with a state full of younger Neo-Conservative citizens who are brainwashed by the media and firmly believe that they are always right and there is no other way of looking at things. The scary thing is that they all look at things in the same way. It is like Stepford minus the perfection. I am not worried about passing , but I worry that my assignments will not agree with that of the Criminal Justice ideas that are taking grip. If this is where our system is headed we are in deep trouble because we need thinkers that are rational and not people who are ready to just throw the towel at the smallest offense. I was told that I was reminded of the Texas Representatives and Senators legal council and how every two years they adopt laws that are not iron clad so that people can use the loopholes to their advantage and gain from the way the law was written. What the Hell! I would rather be considered a liberal than be a clone any day and I guess that is the road that I will take! On my journey I am determined to change a few minds and perhaps make my peers think just a little harder and more openly about some of the issues at hand. I have decided that can be the difference I can contribute to the world while finishing up my second degree. It is like I am in the twilight zone.


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