A new and in my opinion the best Massage therapist in the Central Texas Area

Five or so years ago I met this person who would change my life for the better. Brandi Riley and I over the course of these past years have become close friends. So when she told me that she was going to go to school and get her license as a Massage Therapist while working full time and raising a child as a single mother. I had no doubt in my mind she would finish and now as we speak she is licensed and is starting up her practice in Comanche and Stephenville. In Comanche she is located in Better Bodies right off the square. Now, I know that we all think that all massage therapists are the same but, having been one of the lucky ones who has experienced Brandi’s work. I say this honestly and without a doubt in my mind she is the best Massage Therapist I have ever had because she has that natural gift. Brandi is one of the nicest people I have crossed paths with and I tease her about being a Hippie but, her gifts, knowledge and ability to help, identify and educate you on how to naturally repair your body proves that she cares. That my friends is a dying trait in the professional world but, it has returned with Riley. So I urge you to call her and book an appointment that you will never forget. For, when you feel better after a massage and your armed with the tools of prevention from Riley’s vast knowledge. You too will agree that she is the best in the local area! I would urge you to call quickly as she is already booking up quickly!

For more information or to schedule a service you may reach Brandi at: (254)-979-1612