The Hicks Endorsement…..Primary Elections and Local Elections 2014 (Comanche and Somerville Co.)

So, here are my official picks for the upcoming primary elections in Texas. I am only endorsing candidates based on my personal knowledge and what I personally have taken from their individual campaigns. I am not going to touch all of the positions up for grabs just the important elections that I feel must be emphasized when a voter goes to the ballot box. 

Governor of Texas: Democrat Wendy Davis

Texas Ag. Commissioner: Sid Miller 

Texas House District 59 State Rep. Anyone besides J.D.Sheffield. 

Why? Sheffield is a typical politician who slammed his opponents calling them the: “Usual Politicians”. His campaign prided their “Wonder Boy” on his ability to take a stand to ensure that Austin is cleaned up starting with HD 59. Well, after a hard fought campaign it turns out that JD Sheffield is just about the usual business in Austin. The only thing he brought differently to the HD 59 Seat was a strong sense of Liberalism and my personal favorite was in a closed doors Republican Caucus he actually voted for Obamacare. Because, he was personally going to lose money in his hometown Practice. But, this was behind closed doors so I guess it did not really “count” since it was not an official vote. Whatever.

He needs to go. For so many more reasons than that but, he managed in his first term to display characteristics that many politicians do not let slip until their second or third term. He is a career hoping politician who says whatever he thinks will win over the voters and win him his seat back. Personally, I would rather have anyone occupy this position. Oh, and his door is not open to everyone. I was cancelled on and he has shown no interest in hearing what messages I have tried to relay to him from the people. That is because he does not care about all of the people. Just those who agree with him. Oh, shit. His campaign will probably accuse me of taking another bribe again….I have yet to accept a single penny from any political activism that I have participated in. Sheffield. i call it a volunteer who cares more about both sides of the aisle and Texas and I put my own best interests aside and help based on the entire situation and act in the best interest of the people all of the people. I always have and always will and no in advance no one paid me to write this….


Comanche County Judge : Bobby Arthur

Somerville County Judge: Dr. Mike Jones


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