The next logical step is: The Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas! The curtain is about to go up on one of Riley Studio’s most challenging Photo Shoots Yet!

Riley Studio which is located in a sleepy town of just four thousand people is setting it’s sights on: The Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas. On, February 17th Kyle and his team will be on location to capture the fine arts sanctuary from top  to bottom. First, beginning in the morning Kyle and his team will arrive to take some photos of just the Hall itself. Aside from being one of the most prestigious fine arts venues in the Country. Seeing the realization of the fine arts across not just the DFW area but, across the country and how the arts are being slashed from budgets as Beethoven is being replaced with Bieber. When, I first approached this idea to Kyle about shooting on location he first and foremost wanted to do something to give back to the Fort Worth Fine Arts Council. I explained how the arts although fighting is struggling across the country. So, when I first approached the Dallas Tap Dazzlers about making the migration to The Bass Hall for a photo shoot I was met with a little hesitation. But, when I finally got permission to see if the Bass Hall and the Fine Arts Council would even let us in the building. I was welcomed with open arms and was treated the kindest by the staff. We put some dates together and three months later we are approaching the shoot date of Feb 17th. So, Kyle Riley being the talented photographer that he is and also a member of the Arts community knew that we must do something I suggested that we take some Promo Shots of the Hall by itself before the Dazzlers arrive on the set. Kyle then decided that he would work up the photos for: The Fort Worth Fine Arts Council and he would not just donate the photos but, he would release the copyright over to the Council to allow them to use the photos as they see fit in the future. This was Riley Studio’s way of giving back and showing that although we are two and a half hours southwest of the DFW area we still strongly support the Fort Worth Fine Arts Council and The Bass Performance Hall and everything that takes the stage in downtown Fort Worth. 

Now, after we are finished capturing the magic of the Hall itself we bring in the Dallas Tap Dazzlers who we captured a few years ago at the Legendary Adolphus Hotel in Dallas, Texas. But, in a unique twist of fate these talented ladies are coming to Fort Worth to have their photos taken. The Dallas Tap Dazzlers are a non profit organization that have performed across the Country and they have become dear friends of all of us at Riley Studio. 

This photo shoot will be the largest or, the largest one while I have been helping marketing and coordinating photo shoots for Kyle Riley but, I promise you and can rest assured knowing that he still remains the best in the Central Texas area and it looks like he may be invading the North Texas area also! 

In closing I would like to give you a taste of the Thistle Hill Shoot! 

Enjoy and Comment Back!! You may call the Studio anytime at: 325-356-3199 or you may email me at: for any questions you might have about scheduling a photo consultation or shoot! We are up for anything!! 


Image, D



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