Riley Studio to Shoot in Ft. Worth Again!!

Kyle Riley and the team at Riley Studio are scheduled to shoot another client in Fort Worth, Texas at the Downtown Public Library building.

Now on a more personal note……

I find it wonderful and awesome that a small town Photographer like Kyle is gaining so much recent praise for his photography. Now, Kyle has been in business over a decade and has been featured in publications across the State. But, to think that Riley Studio may be located in a small town of 4,000 people in Central Texas. Which is just living proof that photography is an art. It is something that many try at and many give up quickly because everyone can take a picture. But, only the naturally gifted can capture a memory that is frozen in time forever. Now, many are thinking that it is just a photo but, what Kyle and his team capture are pieces of a person’s life. Capturing human emotion well is a very difficult thing to do with a camera because you have one shot to show the world the tone of the entire evening or wedding or dinner date. A picture says more than a memory because down to the very last painted toenail you have in front of you a memory forever captured in color down to every last detail. I can not express enough to the people who read this blog that he is the best in the central Texas area. He has been given the natural eye by God and that gift is something that is so rare so many try and develop it but find that it is something you are born with or not. It is a direct result of his work and his love for people and how he treats them all equal and the calls from across Texas asking for his services. Kyle loves people and he has restored my faith in people when I see him practice random acts of kindness on a daily basis. I know that personally I have taken his gift for granted in the past and when I finally realized what a genius and artist we have right here in Comanche. I had to spread the word! I urge you to come talk to Kyle stop by the Studio. For, you will find a legend in his own right. Yes, a star is begin born ! But, you would never know it because he is so humble and modest about his accomplishments which just make people admire him that much more.

Call the Studio at: 325-356-3199 or visit and just see some of his work.

If you want more information call the studio I am in the process of making a short promo video and we will send you a DVD copy free of charge!

Until Next Time

Dawson Hicks


WFAA Channel 8’s Covers “The Dallas Tap Dazzlers” at: Riley Studio’s Photoshoot at Bass Hall

WFAA Channel 8’s Covers “The Dallas Tap Dazzlers” at: Riley Studio’s Photoshoot at Bass Hall

WFAA was there to cover the story of the Dallas Tap Dazzler’s 29th Anniversary on the set of their latest photo shoot which was this past Monday at The Bass Performance Hall. Riley Studio was the photography studio capturing this exciting achievement in the group’s history! Enjoy!

The Hicks Endorsement…..Primary Elections and Local Elections 2014 (Comanche and Somerville Co.)

So, here are my official picks for the upcoming primary elections in Texas. I am only endorsing candidates based on my personal knowledge and what I personally have taken from their individual campaigns. I am not going to touch all of the positions up for grabs just the important elections that I feel must be emphasized when a voter goes to the ballot box. 

Governor of Texas: Democrat Wendy Davis

Texas Ag. Commissioner: Sid Miller 

Texas House District 59 State Rep. Anyone besides J.D.Sheffield. 

Why? Sheffield is a typical politician who slammed his opponents calling them the: “Usual Politicians”. His campaign prided their “Wonder Boy” on his ability to take a stand to ensure that Austin is cleaned up starting with HD 59. Well, after a hard fought campaign it turns out that JD Sheffield is just about the usual business in Austin. The only thing he brought differently to the HD 59 Seat was a strong sense of Liberalism and my personal favorite was in a closed doors Republican Caucus he actually voted for Obamacare. Because, he was personally going to lose money in his hometown Practice. But, this was behind closed doors so I guess it did not really “count” since it was not an official vote. Whatever.

He needs to go. For so many more reasons than that but, he managed in his first term to display characteristics that many politicians do not let slip until their second or third term. He is a career hoping politician who says whatever he thinks will win over the voters and win him his seat back. Personally, I would rather have anyone occupy this position. Oh, and his door is not open to everyone. I was cancelled on and he has shown no interest in hearing what messages I have tried to relay to him from the people. That is because he does not care about all of the people. Just those who agree with him. Oh, shit. His campaign will probably accuse me of taking another bribe again….I have yet to accept a single penny from any political activism that I have participated in. Sheffield. i call it a volunteer who cares more about both sides of the aisle and Texas and I put my own best interests aside and help based on the entire situation and act in the best interest of the people all of the people. I always have and always will and no in advance no one paid me to write this….


Comanche County Judge : Bobby Arthur

Somerville County Judge: Dr. Mike Jones

WFAA Channel 8 to feature Story tonight at 10 showcasing The Dallas Tap Dazzlers as they were photographed by: Riley Studio at: The Bass Performance Hall

Tune in to WFAA tonight at ten as they run a story celebrating the 29th anniversary of the Dallas tap dazzlers. They were on hand for the Riley Studio photo-shoot on Monday at the legendary Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, TX. The Riley Studio team executed the shoot and were on hand to capture The Dallas Tap Dazzlers doing what they do best!

The next logical step is: The Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas! The curtain is about to go up on one of Riley Studio’s most challenging Photo Shoots Yet!

Riley Studio which is located in a sleepy town of just four thousand people is setting it’s sights on: The Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas. On, February 17th Kyle and his team will be on location to capture the fine arts sanctuary from top  to bottom. First, beginning in the morning Kyle and his team will arrive to take some photos of just the Hall itself. Aside from being one of the most prestigious fine arts venues in the Country. Seeing the realization of the fine arts across not just the DFW area but, across the country and how the arts are being slashed from budgets as Beethoven is being replaced with Bieber. When, I first approached this idea to Kyle about shooting on location he first and foremost wanted to do something to give back to the Fort Worth Fine Arts Council. I explained how the arts although fighting is struggling across the country. So, when I first approached the Dallas Tap Dazzlers about making the migration to The Bass Hall for a photo shoot I was met with a little hesitation. But, when I finally got permission to see if the Bass Hall and the Fine Arts Council would even let us in the building. I was welcomed with open arms and was treated the kindest by the staff. We put some dates together and three months later we are approaching the shoot date of Feb 17th. So, Kyle Riley being the talented photographer that he is and also a member of the Arts community knew that we must do something I suggested that we take some Promo Shots of the Hall by itself before the Dazzlers arrive on the set. Kyle then decided that he would work up the photos for: The Fort Worth Fine Arts Council and he would not just donate the photos but, he would release the copyright over to the Council to allow them to use the photos as they see fit in the future. This was Riley Studio’s way of giving back and showing that although we are two and a half hours southwest of the DFW area we still strongly support the Fort Worth Fine Arts Council and The Bass Performance Hall and everything that takes the stage in downtown Fort Worth. 

Now, after we are finished capturing the magic of the Hall itself we bring in the Dallas Tap Dazzlers who we captured a few years ago at the Legendary Adolphus Hotel in Dallas, Texas. But, in a unique twist of fate these talented ladies are coming to Fort Worth to have their photos taken. The Dallas Tap Dazzlers are a non profit organization that have performed across the Country and they have become dear friends of all of us at Riley Studio. 

This photo shoot will be the largest or, the largest one while I have been helping marketing and coordinating photo shoots for Kyle Riley but, I promise you and can rest assured knowing that he still remains the best in the Central Texas area and it looks like he may be invading the North Texas area also! 

In closing I would like to give you a taste of the Thistle Hill Shoot! 

Enjoy and Comment Back!! You may call the Studio anytime at: 325-356-3199 or you may email me at: for any questions you might have about scheduling a photo consultation or shoot! We are up for anything!! 


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