Photographing the Landscape When It Really Isn’t Your Thing


LeanneCole-mallee-20140126-8286Today’s post on is about how I find doing landscape photography when it isn’t something that I normally do.  I have written the post on how I do it, or how I approach it.  It would be great if you could take a look, the post is Photographing the Landscape When It Really Isn’t Your Thing.

I have also included a follow up on the post I did When Does it Belong to Me.

Once again, I would really appreciate it if you can leave your comments there.  Thank you.  Not sure I will be writing anymore for them there, but I might do the same sort of posts here.

The post link again, Photographing the Landscape When It Really Isn’t Your Thing.

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Save the Head Start Programs!! Restore Funding Cut By Washington!!

As, you are aware the funds for the Head Start programs across the country. Aware of the fact that the national deficit and the outrageous spending by both parties Democrat and Republican alike has spiraled out of control. But, when it came time for our elected leaders to decide on what programs to cut and many did need to be cut our elected officials decided to cut a program that benefits the children of our country. This is not only an outrage but, I find it also funny that the party that is suppose to be for “Main Street” America and the education of our children voted on just removing funds all together. The House is controlled by the Republicans and they did not think and I am giving them the benefit of the doubt when I say that this not only effects the education of our children but, it also cuts jobs in many different areas of our country. From, the rural towns of Texas to the cities of Ohio these programs face closure and I would hope that the party that claims they are for the people will act and have the courage of their convictions if any bill to restore the funds to the Head Start program reaches the House for a floor vote. I personally volunteer at a small rural Head Start program and I have seen the educational benefits first hand from the organic gardening these children do to the life building skills they are taught by exceptional teachers preparing them for their educational journey in public school. This is not a party issue but, an issue that should be at the heart of all members of both the Senate and the House and I know that they will vote as their heart dictates and not as their Washington minds tell them to. I am sure there will be members who will pull out their charts and their graphs and fight saying that the funds could be used in other areas. But, perhaps instead of a chart that can not talk why don’t we have the parents of kids in Head Start fill the Gallery and then they can see the children that they have already voted against.

Kyle Riley of Riley Studio in Comanche Texas shoots at the legendary Thistle Hill Mansion…..


Thistle Hill in Fort Worth, Texas


It was the perfect day for a photo shoot and for Kyle Riley of Riley Studio located in small Comanche, Texas this is just the beginning of shoots in the DFW area. Praised across Texas and his work which has been featured in numerous articles and publications across Texas began his DFW Debut with a shoot at the historic Thistle Hill Mansion located in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas. The shoot which lasted two hours allowed Riley to photograph his model in his element. With his natural eye for beauty and his ability to turn any background into a work of art. Kyle Riley and Riley Studio is the upcoming photography studio I predict in the DFW area. For, good photographers are a lost art and Riley Studio is one of the last of the great photographers of an age before Kiosks and One Hour Prints. The studio works up all of their own photos individually before sending them to the lab to be printed. Detail that you can not get on a smartphone. I urge you all to watch Riley Studio and it’s upcoming shoots which include: The Bass Performance Hall in February, The Downtown Public Library in Fort Worth, Texas and many more are booking up fast so visit their webpage and schedule your shoot today! You will not regret it! Riley has made the sleepy town of Comanche Proud. But, he does give back also he is donating photos of the Bass Hall to the Fort Worth’s Fine Arts Council as his way of giving back to the arts in the DFW area which are struggling. Then later the models the Dallas Tap Dazzlers will have their second photo shoot with Riley. The first was at the legendary Adolphus Hotel in Dallas, Texas.. STAY Tuned for great things are to come… 



Pictured Above is: Kyle Riley