Judge James “Bobby” Arthur for Comanche County Judge “The Hicks Endorsement”

Now, there is one thing that must be known and that is that Bobby Arthur or James Arthur must remain on the bench. His opponents that are power hungry or have run for office more times than Cher has had plastic surgery will say that he is older or out of touch but, have you sat through his court. Have you seen that he uses the proper way justice should be administered when in a courtroom setting. Now I am a Criminal Justice major and have my degree in the subject and Rex Plumlee although a great guy in my opinion believes that everyone should be locked away and shows no compassion for a person who made a mistake. People make mistakes and preaching from the choir people do change. People that continue to make the mistakes yes, you need a little stricter judgement but, Arthur shows that in that field he has it covered. A long time friend of his mother Alda Arthur and his family Bobby remains in my opinion one of the best judges that I have seen and I put not only my endorsement behind him but, I am throwing my entire political weight behind a man who on a private and professional level has shown that he is a southern gentleman that still can remain a gentleman on the bench. He still remains able to hold his courts and he may look frail to some those weak minded people must not know him very well. He should and will remain on the bench until the day he dies for that is where he truly belongs. Beware of the false attacks by his opponents. Perhaps they are just angry they have not been elected the last seven times they have run for office.


Fort Worth and a New Prospective

As this year ends the year of  ends with great hope and a promise of a even better future. Yes, I have signed up for Team Wendy Davis for Governor as I am no stranger to political campaigns I also still remain strong in my belief that Sid Miller should become Ag Commissioner. Why , well I know that with his background and his record there is no one better for the job. I am sitting in an Internet Cafe in Fort Worth with my good friend and we are talking about the lack of information that most people have regarding the state elections. It is sad I find that people who seem to complain all of the time do not take the time to vote. That really chaps my hide as it is said in Texas and it continues to confuse me because if you are going to complain at least take ten seconds to vote it is not that hard!