“The Hicks Endorsement” for: The Governor of Texas

I am still in the eyes of many people young and I only can remember in my lifetime three Governor’s of Texas that have held office. Ann Richards, George Bush and Rick Perry are the three that I am talking about and this endorsement comes after watching over the years the hold the Republican Rick Perry has had on the state and how no one would run against him and no one could defeat him. This I firmly believe because in the 80s we had our first round of redistricting and it continues to this day. Ensuring that the districts are set up in a way that it makes it difficult for a Democrat to win based on the demographics that the districts contain. Now, I did have a family member who was a public servant on the National Level and he lost his Congressional Seat out of Wichita Falls because of the redistricting in the 80s and he was not a Liberal. He was a Yellow Dog Democrat who was a moderate and this day in age there is no moderation! 

So, after much thinking I publicly endorse Sen. Wendy Davis for Governor of Texas. For, I feel that she is more of a moderate that is a Democrat of an era long gone. I feel that she is more in the middle of the spectrum and I firmly believe that she has Texas in her best interest and not just personal gain. 

So, I urge everyone to look again at Wendy Davis and I bet they will find more of a Yellow Dog than a Liberal. Would that not be a nice change for Texas! I think that it is something that we need! 



“The Hicks Endorsement” for Texas Ag Commissioner

After careful consideration and after studying each platform put forth by both parties and all of the people running in the Texas Ag Commissioner’s Race.

At this crucial moment in time and with so many different things facing farmers and ranchers in Texas.

I publically endorse Sid Miller for Texas Ag-Commissioner as he has experience in the Agriculture industry but, also he has shown that he is willing to work across party lines to act in the best interest of all Texans. Not, just Republicans or Democrats but, Texans and that is what we need in Austin!!


Riley Studio to Photograph The Dallas tap Dazzlers in The Annual Neiman Marcus Dallas Christmas Parade

I am proud to announce that after confirming with the leader of the Dallas Tap Dazzlers. Riley Studio has been granted permission to photograph the Dallas Tap Dazzlers as they perform during the annual Downtown Christmas Parade in Dallas, Tx! More details to come but, congratulations again to Kyle and his crew as he continues to set the standard of excellence in the field of photography in the local area!