Women….The GOP and a HD 59 Newspaper Ad…..smells fishy to me !

I was talking to a friend of mine from College. She is the definition of step ford! I just love her, you know the type. Smarter than hell. Dates, the football stud who is so dumb behind closed doors she really earns two degrees during her undergraduate studies. I face, he graduates before her! She,then either marries him or, she wakes up dumps him. Then suffers a mental breakdown at first over loss. Then, it stems from the fact she could be out of med school by now!

So, these women are the ones who secretly behind clothes doors call me for advice!

Because they know that I will not judge and not repeat. The one rule is: “Do not get offended when I tell you the truth and you are not ready to hear it.”

Yes, I have no problem speaking my mind and relationships I do not touch but, since she asked.

It made me come to this thought. If there is a great woman behind every great man.

Well, Texas will turn Democratic again because for some reason the Conservative GOP can not manage to get along with the: blacks, Gays, Hispanics, women…

It’s politics take an acting course,

Oh, JD Sheffield. Nice long anti Obamacare AD in the paper but, sir you need to mean what you say and say what you mean even behind closed doors!!

That is the new Austin I want to see, find a cure for a kidney stone that does not involve surgery……..just a thought

Much love



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