3…2…1… Shutdown?? Canadian/Cuban Cruz’s Mock Fillibuster and Sen. Davis the Woman Who Overshadows Him! #YouGoGirl #SeeYouWEDNESDAY #BigAnnouncement!!

So, I wore my Dolce and Gabanna glasses because I wanted to ensure that I saw the screen for this post. We have a lot to cover so, if your not up to date with the latest from the political world. This will be the abridged no bullshit version……Now if only I could get AC 360 to come to my house for an hour! AHH now that would brighten my day! Back on topic! So, first lets just mention him. The noble junior Senator from Texas (1st Term) Ted Cruz. Do not be fooled by his name he is Cuban and to his surprise and ours in Texas. He is also Canadian…..Cruz who was born to Immigrants in Canada has a dual Citizenship. Now, he claims that he is hispanic but, if you ask any person who is lived in Mexico. They kind of get offended by that statement. So I will call him Latin American/Latino. Myself being Half Aztec and Spaniard and yes I saw my birth certificate. It says I was born to two white parents….Not even kidding I was adopted in Fort Worth, Texas. Catholic Charities 10/15 at 11:15am….My original Birth Certificate was lost. Yes, they claim that I am loved….Whatever, I have a copy somewhere. Anyways, Cruz who mounted himself up at the front of the Senate and yes he spoke for 21 hours. But, what they do not tell you is that the US Senate and the Texas House have much different rules about Filibusters and the allowed behavior.

Which brings us to the analysis of Cruz….Well his 21 Hour Talk that yes, included Green Eggs and Ham for his kiddos at their bedtime….. What a brave and just tear jerking political move. You see it came at an effort by the Republicans to defund Obamacare. Now, I am not for Obamacare. I do feel that we can find a solution to the healthcare problem and it is not Obamacare I think it should be more in tune of making Insurance Companies smaller and not a massive body like BSBC has become. I can not get health insurance because I have had a kidney stone. Yes, something that no medical professional can tell you how to prevent them or treat them….Yes, no insurance and mine (my 3rd) nearly sent me into Renal Failure. I would have kept it in me if I had thought it would not of eventually killed me. I am paying out of pocket and you know that hurt more than the freaking stone. Yes, after the first one I locked horns with BSBC. I had every single Doctor I have ever been to write a note to that freaking Company stating that I was in perfect health mentally, physically etc. They told me my history of having an eating disorder was grounds.;…WTF did they see me in high school I was like 210 lbs.. So, we can find middle ground and no I am not a freaking liberal or a neo-conservative I am an American. One who is living in a nightmare right now because I am seeing my fellow American’s suffer. Yes, Thank you Mr. Cruz for talking for 21 hours. Next time play like we do in Texas just for Shits and Giggles. If I thought for a Moment Senator you were acting for us here in Texas. You know the ones that do not have insurance and are living in “Main Street America”. Then give up your insurance and give it to someone who is worse off than both of us. Forfit your right to walk into any hospital and pay the bill in Cash. You would not do it nor, would you remain silent. Yet, you have eyes on 2016 I am sure.
Do the readers know Senator that in Austin you can not even lean on the rails in the Senate while performing a noble act like You did? Do they know that had Wendy Davis recited Green Eggs and Ham the Speaker would have nailed her for being off topic and shut her up. Lord I am so amazed that Mitch let you speak that long…..I am sure and it seems to your fellow Senators both Democrat and Republican that you were just trying to get attention and a boost like others have in the past. A noble deed indeed but, Senator if I spoke about something that I was passionate about I would not need to rest my voice I would talk until I had none. I also would make sure that when I finished both sides of the aisle agreed with me and they were on their feet clapping because they both realized that I had presented my case with both passion and conviction and it was based in fact. Not, Senator in Self-Interest.

Ok, Senator Cruz we move to the Pink Nike Democrat Wendy Davis…..

Yes, it is said on Wednesday she will make a Big Announcement…..It made my week I am so there I RSVPed and I will be there confidant I will be the only person from Comanche Co. there which is never a shock. I have been to both a Dem. and Rep. Convention by myself. No one seems to be active or care around here which is why we are in the shape we are in because I guess not many people do care . I am not saying protest but, at least Vote for the love or God. I would like to see the votes take longer than an hour to count. I know we are not a big county but, someone told me that the people that do not vote are the ones that can not complain. Which leaves out about 400 that actually voted. It is just sad.

Wendy Davis and yes people have said that she is a motivated politician but, the people that say that are the strict Rick Perry fans. Yes, I was told today that Ann Richards opponent said, “Rape is like Riding a Horse you just sit back and enjoy it!” Now, if I am wrong please correct me but, if that is correct. Williams ? Is that the guys name? I was like five but, still Good Lord in Heaven! Grand Old Party …..That was when I was a kid but still……Like a Horse …WTF
I will do a fact check but still can’t we find a better solution that just throwing a woman on the ballot. I met Sarah yes, in Dallas. So, Yes…
Davis is motivated but, you know what. How many times have we seen the House and Senate Redistricted? How blunt is that….but, how sweet will it be if a Democrat returns to the Governors Mansion. You know the last Democratic Opponent The Honorable Bill White did appear in Comanche, County. Governor Perry’s office said that he was too busy. Before that George Bush did show up here when I was in 8th grade. Perry it is ok we will just show a picture of you if you do run for President in 2016. We have a lot of passionate teachers here in Comanche Co. (My Mom) and although my mom is not a violent women she is a woman of very passionate convictions and well ask any Republican who has lost on the ballot recently …do not mess with the Teachers in this County…..It is funny you can always tell who will probably get voted for because the elected officials here just change parties with whoever is running and is popular hell in 08 every one was a Democrat. My commissioner was Prt. 1 in 2012 he was Republican…..
At least Senator Davis in my opinion will be a welcomed change and we need it.

Our State is needing so much Reforming and not in a bad way but, we need to create incentives for professionals to work in systems across our State. From Criminal Justice which is my major and something I am passionate about we have no incentives for anyone to grow up and want to be a Police Officer. I feel sorry for some of the Officers I see because for what they pay them I would not sign up to be shot at….That is for a later time (Wink)

Think Legally Blonde

I say Vote Davis! I am afraid that it is either that or more of Rick Perry’s Clones……We need to shake things up a bit…

Ok my eyes are getting tired and I am returning to my show….I have True Blood on Pause….

I will leave you with this thought…..

“On every levels of Government we need to see both parties, Democrat and Republican alike fighting for the people who have lost their voices. Either because they can not speak anymore or they have been silenced!” “I say if you do not have the courage of your convictions and you are in office. You in my opinion if you are representing me can either use the voice that you have been given to represent us the people. Or, take a leave of absence give your seat and public voice to someone who has experienced the worst of life. Then sit back and watch a person who understands first hand what it is like to have nothing. See how they act! Are the full of themselves and parade like a Peacock with new shiny feathers. Or, in their face do you see appreciation and humility that people are listening to them and perhaps for once in their life they know what it feels like to be respected and accepted as a human?
I have seen first hand people across this state and country who are bullied and they are broken. They are suffering from real problems. Problems that you and I can not even begin to imagine because we do have food everyday on the table. For God sakes will someone in Austin and in Washington please be the bigger man and just admit that they are being just a little immature. For, on the right you have a Speaker who has more bronzer on than a Gay Pole Dancer and we have a President who claims to be from the Streets but his hair manages to blacken every other week….

Well at least you can always find her if you need a full fledged face lift Nancy seems to have a really good one she looks good for her age. I bet she does not even blink,…Lord, I am so ready for, Hillary !!

Oh, Dr. Jones do not give me that crap about she will be the oldest blah blah blah

Look at John McCain he was orange by Election Day. I was just afraid he was going to drop dead or something and Miss. Alaska was going to rise to the Oval Office…Lord,she might have shown up with fire batons and had prepared her evening gown walk…

I have known former Title Holders and I will be the first to tell you on the fifth row of the Miss Texas Pageant lord in heaven you see the smartest and the most talented young Women this state has to offer!! It was so interesting I have never seen so many future Marine Biologists etc…that could play the piano while tapping and singing…blindfolded…it was cool

Take Care


Oh, one more thing………….
I meet with my writer and we are going to finalize and try and nail down a date and then hopefully we will then just send the book to the publisher…….. “A Fictional Story” of a dear friend of mine…i am sure someone will come along and give more details at a later date.l..

Now, vote or we all will be riding horses….God in Heaven!!



Women….The GOP and a HD 59 Newspaper Ad…..smells fishy to me !

I was talking to a friend of mine from College. She is the definition of step ford! I just love her, you know the type. Smarter than hell. Dates, the football stud who is so dumb behind closed doors she really earns two degrees during her undergraduate studies. I face, he graduates before her! She,then either marries him or, she wakes up dumps him. Then suffers a mental breakdown at first over loss. Then, it stems from the fact she could be out of med school by now!

So, these women are the ones who secretly behind clothes doors call me for advice!

Because they know that I will not judge and not repeat. The one rule is: “Do not get offended when I tell you the truth and you are not ready to hear it.”

Yes, I have no problem speaking my mind and relationships I do not touch but, since she asked.

It made me come to this thought. If there is a great woman behind every great man.

Well, Texas will turn Democratic again because for some reason the Conservative GOP can not manage to get along with the: blacks, Gays, Hispanics, women…

It’s politics take an acting course,

Oh, JD Sheffield. Nice long anti Obamacare AD in the paper but, sir you need to mean what you say and say what you mean even behind closed doors!!

That is the new Austin I want to see, find a cure for a kidney stone that does not involve surgery……..just a thought

Much love