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An Interesting Election Season is Approaching……(Brace Yourself)

So, yet again the dreaded election year approaches. Another year or so of robo calls, mailers and flyers floating in from the hopefuls in the Tx House of Rep. Election. But will the incumbent Dr. JD Sheffield manage to keep the seat he fought so many years to obtain. What has he really done this first session? Has he changed Washingon and really spoke for the people who he as taken an oath to represent or, has he just fallen into the political trap as so many politicians do? Well, I remember the first time I met Dr. Sheffield. The teachers wanted some signs and I was entrusted to find some. Well I was in luck because I just happened to see someone putting out signs in Comanche. After a Britney Spears car chase I finally got their attention. Yes, we both got out of the car and it was the weirdest thirty five seconds of my life. He did not make eye contact or would not take the time to make it and he showed no interest or emotion what so ever. Perhaps the strangest meetings have ever encountered. So, we were off and running. I was asked how much I was paid for writing the education pledge his opponent signed. Well, this is the first time I have ever been accused if taking a bribe and I was flattered. Just another lie and rumor to throw in the mix. So, he finally elected and since I could not find out from my newly elected rep. Now one obtained a ticket to the big day in Austin. I just called and I was issued a Press Pass and floor access for the entire session. I think it was three months ago I called my Sheffield’s office to schedule a sit down meeting and another attempt at a pledge to protect education. I was scheduled. Then I was cancelled on the Friday before at 4:30 in the afternoon……

I should have expected something like this considering before he even took the oath I had heard from three separate counties,……even the GOP was not happy with him.

Lots see he did vote for Obama Care behind closed doors in self interest purposes.
His voting record is very left minded according to an online source.

This brings us to: “The Hicks Endorsement”

Now, I am Hispanic and adopted and every minority except handicapped in the book. I am for women’s rights and education and I say build the pipeline in a manner that will be good for the environment. I am moderate on spending views and I love an honest debate on the issues…..

I say we look and pay attention to the GOP Chairman of Erath County.

Sheffield has already shown that he is just more of the same crap we already have at all levels of government. The last time I checked it was the people’s government so I say, “Speak up and Vote!”