Two Opponents for Dr. JD Sheffirld

So, I have been told that the Junior Rep. From Texas HD 59 will have two opponents as he will be forced to fight for his seat and overcome the fear of being a one term and in my eyes “Carter” like Representative.  A part of me was not disappointed but, a part of my soul was hoping that he was the wonder boy everyone had built him up to be. But, it is politics in Texas and there is no science that can predict the outcome you just must never underestimate the people you are sworn to represent. For, at the end of the day the people will have their way and vote you in or out. Some are fortunate and are never ran against others have the kitchen sink thrown at them and never stop then there are those who do manage to triumph but, sadly it is nothing more than a lie that gets them to office. At the end of the day Texas Politicians do care about the people. It is when you quit caring for the people you find yourself in the same waters as the Titanic. I will also bet your not going to go like John Jacob Astor did either. You know with the dying art known as: “Class”…..


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