The 2nd Special Session and some Thoughts

So, tomorrow the Texas house and Senate will vote on Governor Perry’s abortion bill. He then at the Alamo like the neo- conservative pioneer he in a dramatical move will announce at the Alamo and will let all of the country know if he will run for governor or President. I am going to be honest and open about this issue. I think it is a shame that our Governor after years has seen that in fact the pitch black hair and the perfect skin do turn gray and wrinkle. After, the first attempt on a national level of unsuccessfully running for president sporting debate skills that rival a two year old. Like the punctuation in this blog. He not only shamed Texas but, showed that under pressure he forgets and just smiles arrogantly relying on his peers for the information he so deeply believes in. This man who tried to assault education and spent years rebuilding the Governor’s mansion at the cost of millions to the Texas tax payers. The Governor who on his watch should have listened to Carol Keeton Strayhorn when warned that he was writing a huge blank check was so determined to push his agenenda pressed on and saw the decline of the Texas economy and he was warned before Obama was elected. So, his claim it is all the president’s fault is just passing the buck. A usually and common behavior in Washington. So, I hope he does not to promise a change in Washington. Unless, he promises the same old story just in a Grand Old Party manner. 
      Yes, tomorrow our very own Davy Crockett will announce his future. But, unlike the hero’s at the Alamo a place where legends were made. First, Senator Davis who saved education again sparred with our Governor and again she won. But, in classic Perry fashion he shot back with uncalled for personal attacks. Yes, it is Texas politics but, for a God fearing Christian that loves others he really showed us by his christian example. So, in a bold and in my eyes foolish move he brings up Abortion. An issue that has caused me personally to be bitched at by both sides an issue no one needs to talk about unless you are among calm people who are from a different country. An issue that must be addressed since we have brought it back to the surface.  But, to me an issue that his not one for him to tell millions is morally wrong. I am a christian. I believe in God. I am a registered republican but, I was not born to tell another person something is wrong or right. I do not think it should be used as an after the fact birth control contraceptive. In the case of rape or if the life of the mother is at risk or if the child is going to brought into this world deformed or riddled with disease. There are circumstances that I can see could justify this act. But , I am not the creator. I am not the supreme being and the last time I read my bible and prayed I prayed to God and not Governor Rick Perry.


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