Should Gov. Perry have opened Pandora’s Box?


I am just going on my own ideas here but, should the self driven Texas Governor Rick Perry have even messed with abortion? The people I talk to tell me that they are angry and this is Republicans and Democrats. Then enter Senator Davis who already saved education with a filibuster decides that for the sake of not only the Democratic party but, for the sake of Women’s Rights in the lone star state takes on the Governor in a successful derailing of Perry Policy. The one thing that Perry did not count on or believe in in my point of view are the women of Texas. Yes, you enter a new playing field when you cross generations of Democrats, the older generation yellow dog Democrats that switched parties because everyone else did but, are still moderate and then there is the GOP. The Texas GOP who knows they do not have a shot in hell of ridding themselves of Perry they are forced to back him and just watch the cookie crumble i am afraid. We all saw his last attempt on a national stage. God help us all and God Bless Texas….Well he did, then he got pissed and sent us Rick Perry.¬†


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