Two Opponents for Dr. JD Sheffirld

So, I have been told that the Junior Rep. From Texas HD 59 will have two opponents as he will be forced to fight for his seat and overcome the fear of being a one term and in my eyes “Carter” like Representative.  A part of me was not disappointed but, a part of my soul was hoping that he was the wonder boy everyone had built him up to be. But, it is politics in Texas and there is no science that can predict the outcome you just must never underestimate the people you are sworn to represent. For, at the end of the day the people will have their way and vote you in or out. Some are fortunate and are never ran against others have the kitchen sink thrown at them and never stop then there are those who do manage to triumph but, sadly it is nothing more than a lie that gets them to office. At the end of the day Texas Politicians do care about the people. It is when you quit caring for the people you find yourself in the same waters as the Titanic. I will also bet your not going to go like John Jacob Astor did either. You know with the dying art known as: “Class”…..


Rumor Has It Sheffield Will Have Competition!

A little bird tells me that Dr. JD Sheffield will have competition in his jext race for the Texas rep. Position he wanted so badly but, if you look at his record whatbhe says and does are two different things. He voted for Obama Care. Etc. STAY Tuned….

The 2nd Special Session and some Thoughts

So, tomorrow the Texas house and Senate will vote on Governor Perry’s abortion bill. He then at the Alamo like the neo- conservative pioneer he in a dramatical move will announce at the Alamo and will let all of the country know if he will run for governor or President. I am going to be honest and open about this issue. I think it is a shame that our Governor after years has seen that in fact the pitch black hair and the perfect skin do turn gray and wrinkle. After, the first attempt on a national level of unsuccessfully running for president sporting debate skills that rival a two year old. Like the punctuation in this blog. He not only shamed Texas but, showed that under pressure he forgets and just smiles arrogantly relying on his peers for the information he so deeply believes in. This man who tried to assault education and spent years rebuilding the Governor’s mansion at the cost of millions to the Texas tax payers. The Governor who on his watch should have listened to Carol Keeton Strayhorn when warned that he was writing a huge blank check was so determined to push his agenenda pressed on and saw the decline of the Texas economy and he was warned before Obama was elected. So, his claim it is all the president’s fault is just passing the buck. A usually and common behavior in Washington. So, I hope he does not to promise a change in Washington. Unless, he promises the same old story just in a Grand Old Party manner. 
      Yes, tomorrow our very own Davy Crockett will announce his future. But, unlike the hero’s at the Alamo a place where legends were made. First, Senator Davis who saved education again sparred with our Governor and again she won. But, in classic Perry fashion he shot back with uncalled for personal attacks. Yes, it is Texas politics but, for a God fearing Christian that loves others he really showed us by his christian example. So, in a bold and in my eyes foolish move he brings up Abortion. An issue that has caused me personally to be bitched at by both sides an issue no one needs to talk about unless you are among calm people who are from a different country. An issue that must be addressed since we have brought it back to the surface.  But, to me an issue that his not one for him to tell millions is morally wrong. I am a christian. I believe in God. I am a registered republican but, I was not born to tell another person something is wrong or right. I do not think it should be used as an after the fact birth control contraceptive. In the case of rape or if the life of the mother is at risk or if the child is going to brought into this world deformed or riddled with disease. There are circumstances that I can see could justify this act. But , I am not the creator. I am not the supreme being and the last time I read my bible and prayed I prayed to God and not Governor Rick Perry.

Should Gov. Perry have opened Pandora’s Box?


I am just going on my own ideas here but, should the self driven Texas Governor Rick Perry have even messed with abortion? The people I talk to tell me that they are angry and this is Republicans and Democrats. Then enter Senator Davis who already saved education with a filibuster decides that for the sake of not only the Democratic party but, for the sake of Women’s Rights in the lone star state takes on the Governor in a successful derailing of Perry Policy. The one thing that Perry did not count on or believe in in my point of view are the women of Texas. Yes, you enter a new playing field when you cross generations of Democrats, the older generation yellow dog Democrats that switched parties because everyone else did but, are still moderate and then there is the GOP. The Texas GOP who knows they do not have a shot in hell of ridding themselves of Perry they are forced to back him and just watch the cookie crumble i am afraid. We all saw his last attempt on a national stage. God help us all and God Bless Texas….Well he did, then he got pissed and sent us Rick Perry. 

Such Horse Crap

As a result of an intentional disruption of the legislative process by groups which represent only a minority of Texas voters, the Governor was forced to convene a special session to finish work on key pieces of legislation such as transportation, criminal justice and improved standards for women’s healthcare. In order to ensure that our constitutional process of having elected representatives who are sent to Austin by a majority of their districts is not derailed by supporters of candidates and positions that lost at the ballot box, it is important that those in the majority who support these key bills make sure their voices are heard as well. Consequently, the state party will endeavor to keep you up to date on what is occurring at the legislature and the schedule of related events.

To make your voice heard, we suggest the following:

  1. Attend the House State Affairs committee hearing scheduled for Tuesday, July 2nd at 3:30 PM to voice your support for HB 2, improving safety standards for women’s health care. If you aren’t comfortable testifying in front of the committee, you can always fill out a registration form in support of the bill without testifying. The meeting is scheduled to take place in E2.030 and supporters of the bill are encouraged to wear blue. If you want to testify as opposed to simply registering your support, you’ll want to arrive in the morning to get on the list, as testimony will be limited on a first come, first serve order.
  2. Call your State Representative and Senator’s offices to thank them for supporting legislation that will make healthcare safer for women and end late term abortion. If they did not support the bill on previous votes, ask them to this time. Members need to be asked and recognized for their support. Their contact information can be found here.
  3. Make sure to include #Stand4Life and #SaferforWomen in your tweets and Facebook updates. Engage your friends and make sure they stay informed!
  4. Plan to join us in the House and Senate galleries next week to fill the seats with bill supporters who are able to maintain decorum while the members conduct their business.Sign up here to receive emails with the floor schedule.

State Chairman Steve Munisteri commented on the subversion of the democratic process last week and of the called special session, “What is at stake over the next 30 days is not simply passing legislation, but just as importantly, ensuring that the constitutional process of passing legislation is not disrupted by those who lose at the ballot box. If the results of last week are allowed to stand, that would be a green- light for the supporters of candidates who opposed legislation supported by the majority of their districts to simply show up at the Capitol to disrupt the orderly proceeding of the legislature and more significantly disrupt the democratic, constitutional process that we all operate under. I am disappointed that Democrat leaders seem to be encouraging and/or applauding demonstrators from the gallery disrupting the legislative process. Irrespective of where you stand on the issues, I would think that all responsible elected state officials would uphold and defend the Constitution of the State of Texas. After all, isn’t that part of their sworn duty, to defend our Constitution and its legislative process?”

Chairman Munisteri further commented on the legislation itself, “What has been in large part ignored is that Sen. Davis’s filibuster prevented important legislation insuring that our highways have adequate funding for their maintenance from moving forward. Texans who are stuck in traffic in our major metropolitan areas or travel the far country roads of our state understand the importance of the legislature addressing a long term solution to our transportation needs, which are made more challenging by our significant population growth. Senator Davis’s filibuster prevented the legislature from taking an important first step towards the ongoing transportation needs of Texas.  In addition, Sen. Davis prevented much needed reform to our juvenile justice code. As she did in the last legislative session, all Sen. Davis accomplished was wasting taxpayer money by necessitating a special session without changing the outcome of the legislation itself. At the end of the day, the legislation will pass because the majority of Texans are for it. Texans favor maintaining our roads and having a fair justice system. A recent poll by the University of Texas and the Texas Tribune also indicated that 62% of Texas voters support a ban on abortions over 20 weeks. There is no doubt that a substantial majority of Texas State Senators and Representatives, reflecting their constituents’ preference, will cast their votes to reflect the platform on which they ran and these bills will pass the legislature. The Republican Party of Texas is committed to assisting those who are committed to ensuring the will of the majority is honored and our Texas constitution is defended.”

If you are interested in continued email updates on this issue, please sign up here for a designated distribution list on HB2. We’ll keep you posted with information about rallies and with information about the House and Senate calendar.



Looks like were going to Austin!!!