Governor Perry, watch out for the Wendy Davis Express

Diedre Bowie you will like this.


The Future of Texas House District 59


I know that people do not even want to think about the upcoming Elections but, they are right around the corner and we all need to ask ourselves if our Rep. has done his job. Yes, he is a freshmen in the halls of the Capitol but, I am still caught up on the rumor that my Rep. voted for Obama Care in a closed Republican Caucus. Now, had he voted with good intentions I might have looked past it but, no he voted on it because I am told his clinic in Gatesville would have lost money. Yes, I guess you can turn something meant to be a positive thing for the public into a self interest machine. But, the fact that he did it behind closed doors and voted I am guessing in the opposite way of his constituents. What makes him better than anyone who has come before him? The so called Wonder Boy has shown in his first year that he is no different than the others. Except have the balls to vote in public and make it known not behind closed doors because someone will find out little birdies will fly and land on shoulders! Someone told me recently that this district is big enough surely there is someone out there to run against JD Sheffield. Someone who stands up for what he or she believes in. Republican or Democrat we will see what the future holds!!  Image


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Wendy Davis- Democrat vs. Rick Perry- Republican Does it Matter?

Wendy Davis the senator who has proved that she is a force to be reckoned with should run for Governor. Well, I think so and here is why. The fact that she is a Democrat does not really matter because Texas used to be a Democratic state but, Rick Perry continues to dominate the Republican Ticket and no one really wants to challenge him..Many have speculated if he will run for President again. In my opinion I hope that he does not but, if he decides to let’s pray that he works on his debate skills. Yes, Wendy Davis for Governor for she reminds me of the Ann Richards days. Political parties aside Senator Davis has shown by her actions that it is possible to be elected to office and still stand up for what you believe in and people will listen. She, in my opinion sets the standard for the rest of the Texas Senators and Representatives and I wish that my Rep. Dr. JD Sheffield would stand up like Senator Davis. But, alas I can only hope in what seems like a fantasy dream. But, Davis for Governor would not be that far fetched i know she would carry the Teacher vote and anyone who is anti-Perry which is growing. I guess we will see.


I love you all!! 


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