Three Questions to My Elected State Representative Dr. J.D. Sheffield

Since an illness kept me from getting to Austin last week and it seems from the emails I received that I would not have gotten the honor of an appearance with Rep. sheffield. here are my questions. I would like to discuss further matters and the wasteful spending that could help the State’s deficit but, first I and the entire delegation that make up the voting public of District 59 deserve to know one major thing. 

So The First Question IS::


1. In a closed Republican Caucus a vote that is not a public matter but, a private behind closed doors vote. Did you vote in favor of Obama Care?

This is a yes or no question Dr. Sheffield because it has been said that the reason you voted in favor of Obama Care was your clinic would have lost money by that I am told that your clinic would have lost money. 

 If you in fact voted in favor of Obama Care you have shown by your actions that you are no better than any of your predecessors and your actions which speak louder than words have already defined you as a self seeking politician driven by self seeking motives. 

Which brings me to my next questions…..

2. Why should District 59 vote or even have the desire to vote for a person man or woman who does not even have the courage of his convictions to publicly announce his decision or his stance. Even though this vote was private do you not feel that the people who sent you to Austin deserve to hear how you are representing us? 


3. If you voted the way that I am told you did you have broken any trust that I even had in your ability to represent our District in a time when Texas needs men and women who are driven by convictions stronger than their weak desires of glory, fame and self promotion. Why should we trust you when you clearly have already lied to us. By lying I also mean that if you are not telling us that is considered lying in my book on this important issue.




Dawson Hicks


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