The Head Start Program and my personal observations in Rural Texas

I was shocked to see that in a small central Texas town at a local head start program I found the most well behaved kids who at their young age can grow strawberries, lettuce and other things that one does not usually see a five year old grow. Oh and they are organic and they have a green house and a compost heap. Yes I am not a big fan of children as many will will testify to but, these kids do not bother me at all.  They are so intelligent and even teachers are trying to get their kids in so that they can get this foundation of education from this particular program in Deleon, Texas. I was not suprised when I was told that their funds had beem cut short and their grant is up in the air.  Resulting in the lack of job security in this certain region. We owe it to our children to find a way to fund education at all levels as long as they remain productive.  For our children our the future! 


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