Representative JD Sheffield to Meet With Dawson Hicks and Former Running Mate Dr. Mike Jones….Rep. Sheffield Might Send a Staff Member

Before I get too deep in this post i would like everyone to know that I am half Spanish and half Aztec Indian so my temper is something I lose very quickly. So, you can imagine ,my anger and frustration when I recieve the following email right before five this afternoon. 


This was the first email that appeared in my inbox


Andrew Johnson (

<div “”=””>Cc: Brynnan Whaley

Picture of Andrew Johnson

Mr. Hicks,
I wanted to touch base regarding your scheduled meeting for Monday April 29. We were just informed that the full House will meet at 2:00 PM, thus it will be unlikely that Dr. Sheffield is off the floor by 3:30 PM. This late in the session it is difficult to know what time they will finish business for the day.
Of course Dr. Sheffield will meet with you if he is finished, but you may need to meet with a member of staff if that is acceptable. We might be able to go meet with Rep. Sheffield for a few moments outside the chamber.
Thank you,
Andrew Johnson
Chief of Staff
Representative J.D. Sheffield
District 59
Texas House of Representatives
Capitol Office
Phone: 512.463.0628
Location: E2.320
Mail: P.O. Box 2910, Austin, Texas 78768
Now. I respect the office to which he was elected by the people but, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it will take a few more minutes in a private office. For, when the subject of Obama Care came up in a closed Republican Caucus there was only one Representative in the state of Texas who voted for it. That is correct Dr. JWD Sheffield. You know I have heard of people voting on strictly their interests but, when you vote in a manner that you are the only one in Texas who did vote for Obama Care at the risk of his clinic losing money. When I got this email I was very angry but, also disappointed that my Rep. was too busy for me. So, I called a friend of mine Stephen McMillian Moser who works for the Austin newspaper and we discussed many things. For instance Stephen is dying of cancer but he can not get much help. I spoke with some people in Mills County today who are frustrated at that pure lack of Representation Dr. JD Sheffield has already shown, I was asked why I did not ask him questions when he was in Comanche. Without giving out too much information we can help the State’s deficit without having to cut many vital programs. You know like Teacher Retirement and the DPS Retirement. If someone would step up to the plate and see that our actions and our lack of determination to fix the issues we have in this State when it comes to funding points to me that perhaps it is another person’s turn. 
I have not worked all of these years to see our district return to the previous state it was. We will see what happens but, right now at this very moment I say we find another person to run.

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