Dr. Mike Jones Former Republican Candidate for Texas House District 59 Agrees to Join Hicks in Austin to Meet With Rep. Sheffield

I am so honored that Dr. Jones has agreed to join me as I go to Austin to speak with Dr. Sheffield. I am aiming for one more former Democratic Contender Ernie Casbeer from Oglsby, Texas to join us. I just can not find his phone number. Jones who is a DVM and Casbeer who is a figure in Public Education and has extensive knowledge in the system will provide I think that bi-partisan knowledge we need. We are not attacking Sheffield but, we will present factual information showing that Texas has several things it could cut out of the yearly budget that are minor things that do not really effect the lives of everyday Texans.

My requests are simple. We are granted an interview and meeting with JD Sheffield our elected representative. I do not want anyone else in the room answering the questions or feeding possible information to him. JD is a smart man and I know that he will agree. I will be calling Austin tomorrow!! Stay Tuned!!

                                        Dr. Mike Jones pictured in Archer County 

He toured a Wind Farm during his campaign. 




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