Official Announcement Regarding a Book in the Works!

I have been toying for the notion for years of writing a book that is an “Recovery” supplement for those who suffer from Addiction. Based on my own experiences and research I finally have decided along with Mental Health Professionals across the state to begin compiling ideas. This is long overdue for I studied Criminal Justice and I know that people can change, But, in our system today we see people who do not believe individuals in recovery. Yes, they have a job to do but, if they had studied Criminal Justice at a higher level of education they would know that people can change and it should be rewarded and encouraged. Not, day in and day out debated and questioned over and over. We have seen to many times people who are told they are a certain type of person and finally they just give in to what others are saying about them. That is why this book is in the works. 

The Title At This Moment Is:

“It takes one to know one!” 


This book will also be mainly put together by professionals who are recovering from Addiction. If a person is not in recovery or has never had an addiction problem to drugs. Those people have no business in Rehabilitations. From  personal experience I get questioned when I talk to slow or to fast or cough and then sniff from allergies. I find it funny that if your angry or frustrated or happy and a person does not think you can be that happy sober. Your on drugs. Give me a break. Take my blood, semen. stool or spit. I have nothing to hide. I am also working on the first part of my memoirs. I am finally going to share my story on my mistakes and also my life at this present moment. Yes, it is time to tell the truth once and for all and let people have the chance to read the truth or just believe Harper Valley PTA gossip. I promise the book will be more interesting. Remember, some in my hometown have me on the level of Lindsay Lohan….No, I am not bitter this book will just share funny stories and let people see that my life needs to be a book. Four months ago a police officer was searching my car because I was going 35 in a 30 I guess and he asked what the white powder residue was that he found in a little tin in my door handle. I responded, “With all do respect sir. If you will close the tin you will see that it is a Neiman Marcus Breath Mint Tin.” “Sorry to disapoint you but, it is not cocaine or any illegal substance. It is Spearmint!” 


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