How We All Can Help Boston and The Victims Recover

I was on my way to an appointment in the Dallas area when the bombs went off in Boston this afternoon. I arrived to see the a scene that clearly defines the world we live in. Now, who ever placed those bombs and set them to blow up knowing that there primary targets were innocent people. Children and their Parents and the Grandparents were I am sure all in that general area when someone thought that it would be, “So Cool” to do something that they saw on Cartoon Network. I am angry but, I became strangely calm and I prayed for whoever caused this horrific act. I know that although the actions are unforgivable my faith tells me that I should find a way to pray and forgive. I know that is hard. But, if we allow more hatred to spawn from this act then we are not letting God win the day. We are just giving the deranged culprits and the evil forces in this world the upper hand. it will take time but, you know when I and hopefully others can find a way to forgive and pray for them. That  would take the fun out of any bomb going off,. It would be the same effect if the Care Bears had showed up and sang a song and shot rainbows all over everyone randomly.  A little bit of love and forgiveness really does go a long way. “To forget is human but, to forgive divine.”

Be Safe Friends


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