Governor Weiner? New York New York!

Well, it is said that.the former congressman and internet star Rep. WEINER is thinking about running for the.coveted position of Maylr.of New York. Yes, the position has had the historical conservatives duch as Rudy Bloomberg who is perhaps paving the way for who felt the need to tweet his jurisdiction to.a female follower on Twitter. Perhaps, Facebook is more monitored and fear of bring reported to the authorities clouded the judgement of the former United States Congressman. Yes, one.can only imagine why Weiner even considered sharing his package online. But, he did it backfired and now he is running for mayor. He has ny.endorsement. If, anyone would.put himself in a campaign after the hail storm he has already beem through and knowing the pure hell that he will publicly go through. He is ready mentally and.emotionally for most any crisis he will more than likely face if elected as Mayor.of New York.


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