Gun Control…..My thoughts on the 2nd Amendment…..

Before I start I just would like for the record to let everyone know that this issue is one that I usually just avoid all together. Why? Well, the issue of Gun Control I care about but, at the same time I am not a die hard gun person. I do not mind them and I know that guns do not kill people it is the guns that fall in the hands of the mentally warped that usually do the killing. I am surrounded by people that are effected by this issue. One could even say that their everyday lives and how they make their living could be effected if their everyday freedom to carry a gun is taken away. With that being said I think that everyone needs to calm down. The Second amendment is not going anywhere. Yes, it is outdated but, it is here to stay. Now, I have been to an NRA Banquet and it was a very different experience. I have never seen so many guns in one room but, it was kind of cool. At least there is an outspoken group of individuals that are all for one common cause. Do I think that the NRA Spokesman is just a tad bit dramatic. Yes, but Charleston Heston is a hard act to follow. But, that is there job to yell at the top of their lungs. Sometimes i have no clue what they are ranting about but, it seems to be effective. i think that if we downplayed the issue a little bit there would not be such a public display of passion for guns. Let’s face it there is  no president or politician who will support the destruction of the second amendment because that action is just like jumping off of the top of the Chrysler building. A person’s career and a party’s popularity would never recover. Now, it seems that every time there is an act of pure evil like the moron who shot his mom and those innocent children at the elementary school it is our human nature to react is a manner that seems rash. But, if you really take a step back just stricter background checks is not that big of a deal. I have heard that this new bill has the traditional earmarks in it and some of the earmarks raise my eyebrows. If I can ever find the actual bill I would like to read it but, it seems that even bills these days are not in their entirety……I did read the healthcare bill…..can you say “cluster”. i was expecting half way through for there to be a Peanuts comic earmarked in on page 5.365. It seemed counterproductive. But, I have heard that this bill actually has a provision that states your doctor can declare a patient mentally incompetent without the patients knowledge?? IDK That is just what I am told. it would not shock me one bit but, it seems that we are quick to forget that we tend to change laws that are passed after the media takes its magnifying glass off of it. Background checks are fine. Let’s just stick with those. As for our freedom to carry firearms. Let’s keep it. I firmly stand for the second amendment.  I do not own a gun the concept just frightens me all together. I would be the moron that shot himself in his foot. I have shot several guns before and surprisingly I am a pretty good shot. thats all  


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