Hillary in 2016?

Should.Hillary Clinton run for president. The question remains unanswered but, not forgotten. Daily it.is examined.from every angle on ebery respectable news show. The Clinton camp is remaining tightlipped but, when paired up woth ebery Republican contender she wins. Against every democratic contender sje wins. But, does she want to.run. Even after leaving her post as Secretary of State Hillary said, sje was looking.forward to some much.needed time.off. Two.months.later she emerged as being.the keynote speaker at the Women”s Rights Cinvention in New York. Then, her schedule has her bouncing around.from Texas.to Ohio. Hillary PAC released a.video regarding Gay rights. Clinton does not.appear to be ready to.commit to a 1016 Presidential run amd.no.one.can blame her. For, in four years will.the country want.another democrat? We saw after her defeat in 2008 loyal die.hard Democrats switched parties in protest.vowing to.never vote Democrat again. But , would they consider changing their minds if Mrs. CLINTON was back in.the picture. The blogs are rolling again the groups are chared up it.is like 2006 all over.again. We must ask ourselves if.the democratic party has learned anything about campaigning with a Clinton. Despite being clouded with questionable morals a fact that will never disappear with anyone with the last name Clinton. Except for Chelsea. But, even then her parents are still watching over.her making.that a very good reason not.to.fuck with her. Hopefully Nancy Pelosi.and Harry Reid will leave the.primary alone this.time and let politics run its course. They have had their fun they nearly killed the.democratic party. Perhaps they will retire in Flordia. Anyways, is.the.country ready? Trust.me wben i say if.the.country was.ready.for W. The.country is ready.for.ankther.Clinton presidency. After all many say that.the oval office has.already.had.heels.in it the first time we had a Clinton on Pennsylvania avenue. WHAT is.eight more? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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