Representative JD Sheffield to Meet With Dawson Hicks and Former Running Mate Dr. Mike Jones….Rep. Sheffield Might Send a Staff Member

Before I get too deep in this post i would like everyone to know that I am half Spanish and half Aztec Indian so my temper is something I lose very quickly. So, you can imagine ,my anger and frustration when I recieve the following email right before five this afternoon. 


This was the first email that appeared in my inbox


Andrew Johnson (

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Picture of Andrew Johnson

Mr. Hicks,
I wanted to touch base regarding your scheduled meeting for Monday April 29. We were just informed that the full House will meet at 2:00 PM, thus it will be unlikely that Dr. Sheffield is off the floor by 3:30 PM. This late in the session it is difficult to know what time they will finish business for the day.
Of course Dr. Sheffield will meet with you if he is finished, but you may need to meet with a member of staff if that is acceptable. We might be able to go meet with Rep. Sheffield for a few moments outside the chamber.
Thank you,
Andrew Johnson
Chief of Staff
Representative J.D. Sheffield
District 59
Texas House of Representatives
Capitol Office
Phone: 512.463.0628
Location: E2.320
Mail: P.O. Box 2910, Austin, Texas 78768
Now. I respect the office to which he was elected by the people but, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it will take a few more minutes in a private office. For, when the subject of Obama Care came up in a closed Republican Caucus there was only one Representative in the state of Texas who voted for it. That is correct Dr. JWD Sheffield. You know I have heard of people voting on strictly their interests but, when you vote in a manner that you are the only one in Texas who did vote for Obama Care at the risk of his clinic losing money. When I got this email I was very angry but, also disappointed that my Rep. was too busy for me. So, I called a friend of mine Stephen McMillian Moser who works for the Austin newspaper and we discussed many things. For instance Stephen is dying of cancer but he can not get much help. I spoke with some people in Mills County today who are frustrated at that pure lack of Representation Dr. JD Sheffield has already shown, I was asked why I did not ask him questions when he was in Comanche. Without giving out too much information we can help the State’s deficit without having to cut many vital programs. You know like Teacher Retirement and the DPS Retirement. If someone would step up to the plate and see that our actions and our lack of determination to fix the issues we have in this State when it comes to funding points to me that perhaps it is another person’s turn. 
I have not worked all of these years to see our district return to the previous state it was. We will see what happens but, right now at this very moment I say we find another person to run.

Rep. Sheffield Agrees to Meet with Hicks and Jones in Austin at the State Capitol



Hi Dawson,


We are on for Monday, 4/29 at 3:30. We are in E2.320. I can brief Dr. Sheffield on a few of your points beforehand. Look forward to meeting you!



Brynnan Whaley

Scheduler and Communications

State Representative J.D. Sheffield, House District 59

Capitol Office E2.320

(512) 463-0628


“I am excited and honored to be given the chance to bring to our Rep.’s attention things that could save Texas money without cutting vital programs around the State!”- Dawson

Dr. Mike Jones Former Republican Candidate for Texas House District 59 Agrees to Join Hicks in Austin to Meet With Rep. Sheffield

I am so honored that Dr. Jones has agreed to join me as I go to Austin to speak with Dr. Sheffield. I am aiming for one more former Democratic Contender Ernie Casbeer from Oglsby, Texas to join us. I just can not find his phone number. Jones who is a DVM and Casbeer who is a figure in Public Education and has extensive knowledge in the system will provide I think that bi-partisan knowledge we need. We are not attacking Sheffield but, we will present factual information showing that Texas has several things it could cut out of the yearly budget that are minor things that do not really effect the lives of everyday Texans.

My requests are simple. We are granted an interview and meeting with JD Sheffield our elected representative. I do not want anyone else in the room answering the questions or feeding possible information to him. JD is a smart man and I know that he will agree. I will be calling Austin tomorrow!! Stay Tuned!!

                                        Dr. Mike Jones pictured in Archer County 

He toured a Wind Farm during his campaign. 



Bi= Partisan Hicks Wants to Meet With JD Sheffeld Face to Face

I am aware that the session is almost over in Austin. But, this is my official and public invitation and meeting request ti: Representive JD Sheffield. I would like to.sit down with only him and discuss immediate savings tgat.woukd.not require cuts in pubkic education. I and a Democrat who is.a public.educator.and a Republican. Sheffield Raw. I have called once but, i Im sure he  will agree

Official Announcement Regarding a Book in the Works!

I have been toying for the notion for years of writing a book that is an “Recovery” supplement for those who suffer from Addiction. Based on my own experiences and research I finally have decided along with Mental Health Professionals across the state to begin compiling ideas. This is long overdue for I studied Criminal Justice and I know that people can change, But, in our system today we see people who do not believe individuals in recovery. Yes, they have a job to do but, if they had studied Criminal Justice at a higher level of education they would know that people can change and it should be rewarded and encouraged. Not, day in and day out debated and questioned over and over. We have seen to many times people who are told they are a certain type of person and finally they just give in to what others are saying about them. That is why this book is in the works. 

The Title At This Moment Is:

“It takes one to know one!” 


This book will also be mainly put together by professionals who are recovering from Addiction. If a person is not in recovery or has never had an addiction problem to drugs. Those people have no business in Rehabilitations. From  personal experience I get questioned when I talk to slow or to fast or cough and then sniff from allergies. I find it funny that if your angry or frustrated or happy and a person does not think you can be that happy sober. Your on drugs. Give me a break. Take my blood, semen. stool or spit. I have nothing to hide. I am also working on the first part of my memoirs. I am finally going to share my story on my mistakes and also my life at this present moment. Yes, it is time to tell the truth once and for all and let people have the chance to read the truth or just believe Harper Valley PTA gossip. I promise the book will be more interesting. Remember, some in my hometown have me on the level of Lindsay Lohan….No, I am not bitter this book will just share funny stories and let people see that my life needs to be a book. Four months ago a police officer was searching my car because I was going 35 in a 30 I guess and he asked what the white powder residue was that he found in a little tin in my door handle. I responded, “With all do respect sir. If you will close the tin you will see that it is a Neiman Marcus Breath Mint Tin.” “Sorry to disapoint you but, it is not cocaine or any illegal substance. It is Spearmint!” 

How We All Can Help Boston and The Victims Recover

I was on my way to an appointment in the Dallas area when the bombs went off in Boston this afternoon. I arrived to see the a scene that clearly defines the world we live in. Now, who ever placed those bombs and set them to blow up knowing that there primary targets were innocent people. Children and their Parents and the Grandparents were I am sure all in that general area when someone thought that it would be, “So Cool” to do something that they saw on Cartoon Network. I am angry but, I became strangely calm and I prayed for whoever caused this horrific act. I know that although the actions are unforgivable my faith tells me that I should find a way to pray and forgive. I know that is hard. But, if we allow more hatred to spawn from this act then we are not letting God win the day. We are just giving the deranged culprits and the evil forces in this world the upper hand. it will take time but, you know when I and hopefully others can find a way to forgive and pray for them. That  would take the fun out of any bomb going off,. It would be the same effect if the Care Bears had showed up and sang a song and shot rainbows all over everyone randomly.  A little bit of love and forgiveness really does go a long way. “To forget is human but, to forgive divine.”

Be Safe Friends