As Easter Approaches…..Do Unto Others!

As we approach the Easter holiday I pray that we as Americans can pull together as people of faith. Yes, people of faith and once again work together to provide the solutions to the problems facing out country today. I am watching a Disney movie and the characters are talking about escaping from their situation and they are two little mice and a little girl. She mentions faith and how she must keep her faith and we must do the same. We must also respect other people’s faiths as we are a melting pot of religions and across this great country we all have our different ideas on who the great being is or if there even is one. I personally was raised Baptist then converted to Methodist finally, I have been confirmed into the Episcopal Church. Yes, I church hopped but, at the end of the day I still had the same faith and beliefs as my fellow Christians. Happy Easter friends, regardless if you think the bunny came first or the egg….Or, perhaps the egg hit the bunny in the head as it fell to the ground at the same time as the bunny and the egg was filled with chocolate,. 


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