Say What You Mean……Obama Care Your for Now?

So, a little Austin hippie tells me that there was a closed Caccus of the Republicans in Austin. The subject: Obama Care. Well, District 59 I have my sources from way down in the hill country that tell me that although a closed meeting of that nature that did not take place in general session is not a formal meeting. I have been to them and they can take hours but on this issue only two were for Obama Care. Yes, the wonder boy that the eyes of Texas were suppose to watch in amazement after triumph ing over Miller then he would usher in a new era of Politics. I am told THE Doctor was one of the two who voted to uphold Obama care. This is what I ak told and if true totally shows me that he is someone who is acting in a manner that does not mimic his actions. Actions that effect us all and it kind of seems that already with it being health care it may or may not benifit him. But, you can make that conclusion yourself. It is time to take back Austin and Washington and work side by side to fix the issues at hand. I say speak the truth and do the right thing even when it is not the popular one. I guess our Wonderboy like the Wizard of Oz is just a man behind a curtain with others helping him blow smoke and set up the mirrors. What did Dorothy say, Your a very bad man! The wizard replied,  ” No child I am a very good man im just a bad wizard!” God bless you all and god bless Texas! Back to Aveda!


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